Mass Effect: Andromeda Wiki
Classification Enemy
Origin Andromeda
An over-sized, dog-like creature trained and used by outlaws to rush at enemies.

Adhi is a Outlaw mob enemy.


Adhi are four-legged lifeforms sighted on multiple worlds, across the Heleus Cluster, often foraging together in packs. They are extremely intelligent and capable of understanding complex commands. Wandering explorers and mercenaries are often accompanied by one or two trained adhi for defense.

When attacking, adhi drive opponents out of secure positions to make them vulnerable to gunfire or a concerted attack by the rest of the pack. Their jaw strength has been measured in excess of 1900 N, dangerous even when wearing a hardsuit. Adhi also show no fear of scout rovers.

Interestingly, the adhi genome shows signs of extensive genetic engineering that resembles the "uplifting" of some domestic animals on Earth before gene modification laws were put in place. These adaptations allow the adhi to survive in hazardous environments and may account for their almost tactical intelligence even in the wild.


Adhis are health-only enemies. Health Bar - Normal.png


The Adhi is a source of Renderable Plates.


Adhis can be distinguished from Wild Adhis because they have armor pieces on their bodies. These armor pieces are purely cosmetic and don't confer actual armor to the Adhi.

Adhis are classified as enemies and not as creatures. This means than scanning an Adhi will count towards Aid APEX and NOT towards Task: Comparatively Alien.

The Adhi is different than scanning a Wild Adhi which will count towards the scanning mission Task: Comparatively Alien.