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Angara Avenger
Angara Avenger
Rarity Ultra Rare
Health Health Icon.png 500
Shield Shield Icon.png 300
Skills Omni Grenade 4a - Sticky Grenade Icon.png Sticky Grenade
Stealth Grid 1 Icon.png Stealth Grid
Avenger Strike 1 (MP) Icon.png Avenger Strike
APEX Training 1 - Weapon Training Icon.png Weapon Training
Bioelectric Defense 1 - Health & Shields Icon.png Bioelectric Defense
Veteran Bonus
Bonus Stat All Power Recharge Speeds Bonus Stat Icon.png All Power Recharge Speeds
Melee Angaran Firaan
Close-combat escape artist with stealth ability for evades and melee attacks.

Angara Avenger is one of the character kits.


The Angara Avenger lost her mother to the kett at a young age. Since then, she has vowed to bring every kett to justice and hopes to one day face off against the Archon himself.


Angara Avenger Default.png