Mass Effect: Andromeda Wiki
Classification Enemy
Origin Andromeda
The largest Remnant construct, the Architect is indestructible. But once downed, it can be interfaced with and caused to abandon its directives.

Architect is a Remnant mob enemy.


A rare and awe-inspiring sight, Architects are colossal Remnant constructs that burst from the ground, using multiple element zero cores to hover and attack from above. They dwarf buildings and ground vehicles, and their armor is impenetrable to all known small arms fire, including mass accelerator rounds. Only the power cores on an Architect's body appear vulnerable, and even they show signs of self-repair capabilities given enough time.

Each Architect is armed with multiple defensive systems, each extremely dangerous. Ferrofluid reservoirs and minifacturing peripherals allow it to create smaller Remnant units to swarm enemies. Its most devastating attack is an electrically charged energy burst that swarms with fluidly replenishing shrapnel, overcharging shields and then shredding a target. Though an Architect cannot be destroyed, disabling its power cores will ground it, giving an opportunity to interface with its central processor and reprogram its current directives to compel it to leave.

The name "Architect" precedes their initial sighting. Peebee claims she theorized the existence of a Remnant that was responsible for excavating the space needed for vaults, and for building other Remnant infrastructure. These Architects, simply by size alone, appear to fit that profile.


Architects are multiple segment increased health-only enemies. Health Bar - High.png Architects have a variety of weapons, including an energy cannon, grenades, and a spherical energy field that damages anything within its radius when it detonates. Architects will create Remnant forces throughout the battle.


There are five Architects and each is associated with a mission.


An Architect will leave behind a container with the following items:


ALWAYS interface with the Architect after the battle and it will fly off into orbit (except for Meridian). This allows Ryder to use the Tempest to scan the Husk in orbit for Research Data (RD).

Make sure to loot the container left by the Architect after it flies off into orbit. Don't leave the area and come back or the container may not be there.

The Architect can be scanned for Aid APEX. While it is possible to scan the Architect during combat, it is much easier to scan after the battle (before it flies off into orbit).