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Species Kett

The Archon is a kett and is the main antagonist. He is a military commander and the leader of the kett.


The individual known as the Archon is leader of the kett forces in the Heleus Cluster. Though rarely sighted, his arrival at kett installations is reportedly greeted with fearful shows of deference, the execution of dissident kett, and the presentation of valuable Remnant technology.

The Archon has maintained control of the cluster for almost seventy-five years, reportedly through a combination of long, patient strategies and brutal subjugation. According to angaran sources, the Archon arrived in Heleus with a pantomime of diplomatic overtures that confused the angaran leadership and provoked them against one another before he ordered the conquest of their worlds.

In recent years, the Archon has taken an increasing interest in Remnant technology, ordering new dig sites and touring kett-defended Remnant structures. He is said to take many Remnant specimens aboard his flagship for study at leisure. Those who interfere are executed on the spot or hunted down by the Archon's Sword, his mysterious and feared enforcer.

According to the Moshae, the Archon is focused on Meridian, the control center for the Remnant vault network. In his hands, Meridian could be used to devastate the planets of the Heleus Cluster, rending them uninhabitable and giving him a hold over all sentient life here.

Though he reportedly knows its location, the Archon has been unable to develop an interfacing method, meaning the greater secrets of Remnant technology are closed to him.

It is now understood that the Archon's single-minded efforts to find and control Remnant technology have diverted resources from the kett conquest of Heleus. From gathered intelligence, the Archon's second-in-command, the Primus, believes their leader's interest in the Remnant has become an obsession that threatens their subjugation of the angara.

The Archon was killed at the battle for Meridian after almost gaining control of the facility. We now face the consequences of his death. Though the kett are still reeling from the loss of their leader, the Primus has reportedly succeeded him and intends to pursue kett interests in Heleus.

Codex differences[]

The following portions of the codex entry appear early in the game but are replaced during gameplay as more information is gained on the Archon:

The kett present a mysterious but ever-present danger in the Heleus Cluster. As the militia struggles to gather any details on their plans or motivations, rumors have reached the Nexus of the kett's leader, a powerful military commander known as the Archon.

This Archon is said to command the kett from a dreadnought out in unknown space, and it is only rarely sighted planetside. Thus far, these sightings are always at Remnant dig sites, or kett-controlled Remnant structures. The Archon's interest in the Remnant remains unexplained, but intelligence-gathering continues.