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An Andromeda Initiative ark ship.

Arks are massive starships used to transport the Milky Way colonists to Andromeda. Each ark is equipped with pods which keep the colonists in cryo-stasis during the several centuries of the 2.5 million light year trip.

List of arks[]

ODSY Drive System[]

With the arks unable to refuel by traditional means in dark space, the journey to Andromeda is only made possible by the ODSY Drive System. The ODSY (out-galaxy distributed static synch) is a massive experimental drive core specifically designed for this trans-galactic voyage. It is capable of recycling static energy that would typically cause a starship to explode, instead storing it to power the Ark's primary systems. Meanwhile, an electromagnetic ram-scoop will gather hydrogen from the Ark's surroundings, converting it into fuel as needed.