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This article contains in-game derived data and research is on-going. This data is intended for reference purposes only and not official data.

Deconstruct screen

Deconstructed weapons sometimes drop a random augmentation. The following information is based on deconstruction of more than 1,000 weapons. Research is ongoing.


  • The augmentation drop will not be shown on the deconstruct screen and you will have to compare your inventory before/after to determine if an augmentation was dropped.
  • The random augmentation will already be researched and/or known to the player.
  • The weapon to be deconstructed has to be crafted, found, purchased, or a Strike Team Item Loot Box reward.
  • Crafted weapons always return augmentations used in their development with a chance of an additional augmentation drop.
  • No Remnant augmentations are dropped.
  • Weapons in the Milky Way tech group drop Milky Way augmentations; weapons in the Heleus tech group may drop either Milky Way or Heleus augmentations.
  • The rarity of the deconstructed weapon is not tied to the rarity of the dropped augmentation.
  • The random augmentation is not locked to a specific weapon. It is possible to load a saved game before deconstruction and get a different augmentation from the same weapon.

Weapons Table[]

Some weapons do not appear in the table below for the following reasons:

Icon Weapon Type Rarity Drop Frequency (%)
Melee Uncommon.png Angaran Firaan Melee weapon Uncommon 26
Melee Ultra Rare.png Asari Sword Melee weapon Ultra Rare 100
Melee Uncommon.png Biotic Amplifier Melee weapon Uncommon 25
SR Ultra Rare.png Black Widow Sniper rifle Ultra Rare 100
Pistol Uncommon.png Carnifex Pistol Uncommon 20
AR Uncommon.png Cyclone Assault rifle Uncommon 19
SG Ultra Rare.png Dhan1 Shotgun Ultra Rare 100
SG Uncommon.png Disciple Shotgun Uncommon 59
SG Rare.png Hesh1 Shotgun Rare 50
SR Uncommon.png Incisor Sniper rifle Uncommon 27
SR Rare.png Isharay Sniper rifle Rare 53
Melee Rare.png Kett Carfalon1 Melee weapon Rare 46
Melee Rare.png Krogan Hammer Melee weapon Rare 51
SR Rare.png Lanat1 Sniper rifle Rare 48
Pistol Common.png M-3 Predator Pistol Common 29
Pistol Uncommon.png M-5 Phalanx Pistol Uncommon 23
AR Common.png M-8 Avenger Assault rifle Common 30
SG Common.png M-23 Katana Shotgun Common 20
Pistol Rare.png M-25 Hornet Pistol Rare 43
AR Rare.png M-37 Falcon Assault rifle Rare 54
SR Rare.png M-90 Indra Sniper rifle Rare 54
AR Uncommon.png M-96 Mattock Assault rifle Uncommon 32
SG Ultra Rare.png N7 Crusader Shotgun Ultra Rare 53
Pistol Ultra Rare.png N7 Eagle Pistol Ultra Rare 99
Pistol Ultra Rare.png N7 Hurricane Pistol Ultra Rare 52
SG Ultra Rare.png N7 Piranha Shotgun Rare 25
AR Ultra Rare.png N7 Valkyrie Assault rifle Ultra Rare 99
SR Ultra Rare.png Naladen1 Sniper rifle Ultra Rare 100
Melee Common.png Omni-Blade Melee weapon Common 21
SR Uncommon.png Raptor Sniper rifle Uncommon 22
SG Rare.png Reegar Carbine Shotgun Rare 100
AR Rare.png Revenant Assault rifle Rare 2
Pistol Ultra Rare.png Rozerad1 Pistol Ultra Rare 100
SG Uncommon.png Ruzad Shotgun Uncommon 46
AR Rare.png Sandstorm Assault rifle Rare 3
Pistol Rare.png Scorpion Pistol Rare 100
Pistol Rare.png Sidewinder Pistol Rare 57
AR Ultra Rare.png Soned1 Assault rifle Ultra Rare 100
Pistol Rare.png Talon Pistol Rare 44
AR Rare.png Thokin1 Assault rifle Rare 20
Pistol Ultra Rare.png Ushior Pistol Ultra Rare 100
SR Rare.png Vanquisher Sniper rifle Rare 41
SG Rare.png Venom Shotgun Rare 100
SR Common.png Viper Sniper rifle Common 24
SR Uncommon.png Widow Sniper rifle Uncommon 41
AR Uncommon.png Zalkin Assault rifle Uncommon 58

1 Rare and Ultra Rare kett weapons can be hard to come by, making testing difficult.