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Avenger Strike Use
Avenger Strike Use
Type Minor
Progress 0/50,000
Challenge Points 30
Unlock N/A
Earn Points Using Avenger Strike

Avenger Strike Use is a challenge in multiplayer. This is a minor challenge for the Combat Mastery - Bronze, Silver, and Gold challenges.


Kill enough enemies using Avenger Strike to cross the points threshold and this challenge will be completed. Any difficulty, enemy, or map will count towards this challenge.

Don't waste skill points from other skills trying to make Avenger Strike stronger with power increases - this skill is only affected by melee damage increases. This includes boosters, equipment, mods, skills, or anything else that increases melee damage. Avenger Strike itself can increase its effectiveness with increased skill points but outside of this only melee damage increases can make Avenger Strike stronger. Be aware that anything that reduces melee damage will also reduce the damage of Avenger Strike.

Avenger Strike does not count towards the Combat Power Kills medal despite it showing as a Active Combat Skill Icon.png combat skill. This skill instead counts towards the Melee Kills medal. However, using Avenger Strike does count towards *Daily* - Combat Mastery.