Mass Effect: Andromeda Wiki
Classification Enemy
Origin Andromeda

Behemoth is a kett mob enemy.


These unfortunate individuals were once krogan. After capture, experimentation, and attempts at exaltation, they are now Behemoths, bearing the characteristic white carapace of the kett and the strength of a krogan in full fury.

Behemoths appear to be an early attempt at exaltation, and the process for the krogan is as yet unrefined. Unlike exalted angara, whose transformation is genetically and neurochemically stable, Behemoths are unable to produce enough serotonin to break out of the feedback loop that results in krogan blood rage, rendering them permanently aggressive and non-communicative. In addition, DNA samples suggest Behemoths are susceptible to hypothalamic tumors, further evidence that exaltation is intended to affect the body's oxytocin production and social bonding responses.

Fighting a Behemoth is not for the unprepared. With a krogan's resilience to gunfire and a preference for charging into melee, APEX tactics currently revolve around multiple rocket-propelled grenades.


Behemoths are boss level armor-only enemies. Armor Bar - Boss Normal.png They wield a Dhan shotgun and will aggressively charge for devastating close-quarters melee attacks.


The Behemoth is first encountered on the Verakan during Hunting the Archon. This Behemoth has the special name of Exalted Krogan but there are no differences in combat abilities. Pathfinder Ryder has to choose between rescuing the salarian Pathfinder Zevin Raeka and her salarian team or a group of krogan scouts being held as prisoners. If the krogan scouts are not rescued, kett will exalt the remaining krogans into more Behemoths. Otherwise, the kett are unable to continue their experiments with krogan exaltation and they will no longer appear in further missions after this first encounter.

The Behemoth can be scanned for Aid APEX.

The Behemoth is the final target in a Boss wave in a Multiplayer match where kett are the designated enemy.

The Behemoth will also spawn in platinum difficulty multiplayer matches during Survival waves.