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The Bonus Stats Menu

Bonus stats improve all character kits in multiplayer. Experience points gained in a match get applied to the current character and its bonus stat.


Bonus stats are accessible from the Prestige menu.

Multiplayer awards permanent bonuses for multiplayer gameplay.

  • Each character kit is associated with a group of bonus stats.
  • Earning a bonus stat level for a particular bonus stat will apply the related bonus to all thirty-six multiplayer character kits.
  • Any XP gained with a character kit, regardless of the character kit level or rank, counts towards XP for the related Bonus Stat.
  • XP that is earned towards a bonus stat is based on what the what the entire team earns. If Player A only earned 10,000 XP for the match but the entire team together earned 100,000 XP, Player A will be awarded 100,000 XP towards the appropriate bonus stat.
  • Each bonus stat starts from level 0 and can be upgraded to a max level of 10.

List of Bonus Stats[]

  • Max Health Bonus Stat Icon.png Max Health - Increases the maximum health for all characters.
  • Health Regeneration Cap Bonus Stat Icon.png Health Regeneration Cap - Increases the health regeneration cap for all characters.
  • Max Shields Bonus Stat Icon.png Max Shields - Increases the maximum shields for all characters.
  • Health & Shield Regeneration Delay Reduction Bonus Stat Icon.png Health & Shield Regeneration Delay Reduction - Improves the health and shield regeneration delay for all characters.
  • All Power Recharge Speeds Bonus Stat Icon.png All Power Recharge Speeds - Improves power recharge speed for all characters.

Bonus Stat Groups[]

Bonus Stat All Power
Health & Shield
Regen Delay
Characters Kits
Angara Avenger - Circle.png Angara Avenger
Angara Exemplar - Circle.png Angara Exemplar
Asari Huntress - Circle.png Asari Huntress
Angara Insurgent - Circle.png Angara Insurgent
Human Female Engineer - Circle.png Human Female Engineer
Human Male Engineer - Circle.png Human Male Engineer
Krogan Mercenary - Circle.png Krogan Mercenary
Salarian Operator - Circle.png Salarian Operator
Asari Sentinel - Circle.png Asari Sentinel
Human Female Sentinel - Circle.png Human Female Sentinel
Human Male Sentinel - Circle.png Human Male Sentinel
Krogan Engineer - Circle.png Krogan Engineer
Krogan Vanguard - Circle.png Krogan Vanguard
Asari Adept - Circle.png Asari Adept
Human Artificer - Circle.png Human Artificer
Human Female Adept - Circle.png Human Female Adept
Human Female Infiltrator - Circle.png Human Female Infiltrator
Human Juggernaut - Circle.png Human Juggernaut
Human Male Adept - Circle.png Human Male Adept
Human Male Infiltrator - Circle.png Human Male Infiltrator
Krogan Gladiator - Circle.png Krogan Gladiator
Salarian Infiltrator - Circle.png Salarian Infiltrator
Human Commando - Circle.png Human Commando
Human Female Vanguard - Circle.png Human Female Vanguard
Human Kineticist - Circle.png Human Kineticist
Human Male Vanguard - Circle.png Human Male Vanguard
Turian Havoc Trooper - Circle.png Turian Havoc Trooper
Asari Duelist - Circle.png Asari Duelist
Batarian Scrapper - Circle.png Batarian Scrapper
Batarian Vanguard - Circle.png Batarian Vanguard
Human Guardian - Circle.png Human Guardian
Human Female Soldier - Circle.png Human Female Soldier
Human Male Soldier - Circle.png Human Male Soldier
Salarian Architect - Circle.png Salarian Architect
Turian Agent - Circle.png Turian Agent
Turian Soldier - Circle.png Turian Soldier

Bonus Stats Table[]

Bonus Stat Level Total Experience Required Experience To Next Level Bonus
Level 0 0 2,127,000 +0%
Level 1 2,127,000 4,254,000 +1%
Level 2 6,381,000 6,381,000 +2%
Level 3 12,762,000 8,508,000 +3%
Level 4 21,270,000 10,635,000 +4%
Level 5 31,905,000 12,762,000 +5%
Level 6 44,667,000 14,889,000 +6%
Level 7 59,556,000 17,016,000 +7%
Level 8 76,572,000 19,143,000 +8%
Level 9 95,715,000 21,270,000 +9%
Level 10 116,985,000 N/A +10%


There are errors with the icons displayed on the bonus stats page. The wording and icons on each character kit page are correct, XP earned towards the bonus stat is applied to the correct category, just the icons on the bonus stats page are wrong.

  • The Max Health icon and Health Regeneration Cap icon are switched.
  • The Max Shields icon is correct.
  • The Health & Shield Regeneration Delay Reduction icon and All Power Recharge Speeds icon are switched.

Achievements and trophies[]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned related to bonus stats:


Bonus stats are the focus of the following challenges: