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Burst Fire System
Burst Fire System
Item Rarity Uncommon
Type Gun Fire Type
Usage Guns
Technology Milky Way
RD Cost
Icon Burst Fire System Icon.png
Description This is a Gun Fire Type augmentation. You may apply one such augment to a gun during the development process.

Burst Fire System is a Gun Fire Type augmentation.


Changes weapon fire to burst.

+20% Weapon Stability
+50% Weapon Rate of Fire
-10% Weapon Accuracy
-20% Weapon Damage


This augmentation cannot be applied to the following items during development:

This augmentation cannot be applied to the following firearms during development:


This augmentation changes the firing mode to a burst-fire style however it doesn't say how many shots are fired per burst. This augmentation changes the weapon to a three-shot burst every time the trigger is pulled. However, the AR Rare.png Thokin changes to a two-shot burst instead of three-shot burst.


As the N7 Valkyrie X, Pathfinder Pioneer, and Zalkin are already burst-fire weapons by default, do not apply the Burst Fire System augmentation to these weapons during development. This only wastes an augmentation slot.

The N7 Valkyrie Tiers II-IX do not allow the Burst Fire System to be applied but Tier X does. It is still advised to not apply this augmentation to that weapon as it is already a burst-fire weapon.

Despite what the description says, the SR Rare.png Isharay is not a single-shot weapon but semi-automatic. Using skills to increase clip size, it is possible to get more than one shot per thermal clip. If Ryder has more than one shot available in the thermal clip, the weapon will fire in a burst mode. Otherwise, there is no value to adding this augmentation to the Isharay.

Two weapons change function when the trigger is held down before letting go. Each reacts differently when the Burst Fire System is applied.

  • The SR Rare.png Lanat when charging shows an increasing power level with a display showing vertical charging bars. When the Burst Fire System is applied, releasing the trigger on a fully charged Lanat shows the the first shot with the charged bars but the subsequent shots do not have charged bars. It is unclear if the second and third shots also have the charged power of the first shot.
  • The SG Rare.png Venom when charged fires clusters of microgrenades instead of a single explosive round. When the Burst Fire System is applied, releasing the trigger on a charged Venom appears to show all three fired rounds as clusters of microgrenades instead of the single round of an uncharged Venom.

Several weapons have small changes to the default firing animation when this augmentation is applied but this doesn't appear to change the functionality of the weapon. The SG Rare.png Hesh, AR Ultra Rare.png P.A.W., SG Rare.png Reegar Carbine, and SR Rare.png Shadow display these changes.

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