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Celebratory Mission
Celebratory Mission
Difficulty Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum
Rewards 10 or 15 Mission Funds
Pathfinder rewards Item Loot Box
Research Data Loot Box

Celebratory Mission is a special APEX strike team mission. It is offered at Bronze, Silver, Gold, and Platinum difficulty levels. While regular APEX missions expire in 24 hours, Celebratory Missions are available for 120 hours after posting.


A special mission, available for a limited time for a special occasion.


This mission can be completed as a strike team mission or played as a multiplayer mission found on the Custom Match menu. The mission must be completed in multiplayer for the Celebratory Challenge and the Celebratory Pack to be awarded (along with the Mission Funds). Completing this mission as a strike team mission will only award the mission funds.

On March 21, 2019, the second anniversary of the game's release, a Platinum Celebratory mission was posted.