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Character Respec
Character Respec
Type Supply
Reset a character's skill selections
Disambig.png This article is about resetting skill points in multiplayer. For the singleplayer version, see Re-Spec Station.

Character Respec is a multiplayer supply. Each Character Respec card allows resetting the skills of one multiplayer character.


The Character Respec can be purchased from the multiplayer store for 15 Mission Funds or acquired from packs purchased in the store. Upon acquisition of a card, a new option is added at the bottom of the Skills screen. The number of respecs available is shown in parentheses.


Confirm Re-Spec Power Points

Selecting "Respec Power Points" brings up a confirmation screen. Confirmation will reduce the number of available respecs and refund all but three skill points. A single point will remain assigned to each active Active Generic Skill Icon.png power. Re-assign points as desired, then select confirm and exit.


This does not reset the level of the character. Resetting a character level can only be done once the character reaches Level 20 in the Character Selection menu with the Reset Level choice.

Using a Character Respec does not change the rank (I-XX) of a character kit.

Veteran bonuses are acquired with character rank (XI-XX) and are also not affected by skill respec.