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The Character Selection Menu

Character Selection is used to choose a multiplayer class character kit from a variety of options, including different species and profiles.


The character selection menu allows the selection of one of thirty-six different character kits. Available character kits are shown in color while greyed out versions aren't available yet.


There are a limited number of actions that can be completed in this menu. It is really for selecting the character to play during matches.

The current level of a character is displayed below the character picture. A light-blue arrow will be displayed on the upper left of the picture if the character kits has gone up a level.

The currently chosen character kit will have a green check mark Equipped Item Icon.png.

The currently chosen character kit will display statistics on the right side of the screen with the current rank, current level, current XP to next level, health, shields, skills, and bonus stat level for the kit.

Only Common character kits are available at the start of multiplayer gameplay before any packs have been purchased and/or claimed from the store.

View Details[]

View Details

Choosing this selection will switch the view from the statistics menu to a small description of the currently selected character kit.

Select Character[]

This is the mechanism for changing the character kit to a newly selected kit from the available choices. This allows for the selection of a character kit from different character classes and seven different races to play thirty-six individual unique multiplayer characters.

Common Uncommon Rare Ultra Rare
Human Female Adept - Circle.png Human Female Adept
Human Female Engineer - Circle.png Human Female Engineer
Human Female Infiltrator - Circle.png Human Female Infiltrator
Human Female Sentinel - Circle.png Human Female Sentinel
Human Female Soldier - Circle.png Human Female Soldier
Human Female Vanguard - Circle.png Human Female Vanguard
Human Male Adept - Circle.png Human Male Adept
Human Male Engineer - Circle.png Human Male Engineer
Human Male Infiltrator - Circle.png Human Male Infiltrator
Human Male Sentinel - Circle.png Human Male Sentinel
Human Male Soldier - Circle.png Human Male Soldier
Human Male Vanguard - Circle.png Human Male Vanguard
Asari Adept - Circle.png Asari Adept
Asari Sentinel - Circle.png Asari Sentinel
Krogan Engineer - Circle.png Krogan Engineer
Krogan Vanguard - Circle.png Krogan Vanguard
Salarian Infiltrator - Circle.png Salarian Infiltrator
Turian Soldier - Circle.png Turian Soldier
Angara Insurgent - Circle.png Angara Insurgent
Asari Huntress - Circle.png Asari Huntress
Batarian Scrapper - Circle.png Batarian Scrapper
Human Artificer - Circle.png Human Artificer
Human Commando - Circle.png Human Commando
Human Guardian - Circle.png Human Guardian
Human Juggernaut - Circle.png Human Juggernaut
Krogan Mercenary - Circle.png Krogan Mercenary
Salarian Architect - Circle.png Salarian Architect
Turian Agent - Circle.png Turian Agent
Turian Havoc Trooper - Circle.png Turian Havoc Trooper
Angara Avenger - Circle.png Angara Avenger
Angara Exemplar - Circle.png Angara Exemplar
Asari Duelist - Circle.png Asari Duelist
Batarian Vanguard - Circle.png Batarian Vanguard
Human Kineticist - Circle.png Human Kineticist
Krogan Gladiator - Circle.png Krogan Gladiator
Salarian Operator - Circle.png Salarian Operator


This option changes the Character Selection menu over to the Character Customization menu. No customization is available in the Character Selection menu.

This name of this option will change to Select And Customize if the currently viewed character is not the selected character. This will select the character and go to the Character Customization menu.

Reset Level[]

Reset Level

Reset Character Level confirmation

Once a character kit reaches Level 20, a new option called "Reset Level" will be added to the lower portion of the Character Selection menu. This IS NOT a Character Respec card that resets skill points. This does not reset the rank (I-XX) of a character kit. This resets the character kit back to level 1. All skill points will be reset back to the minimum amount of Level 1. All skill points from gaining levels will have to be earned again. Selecting this choice will bring up a confirmation menu allowing you to change your mind before making this choice.


Exits back to the multiplayer main menu.