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Character customization

When starting Mass Effect: Andromeda, players have the option to customize a character or quick-start as either Sara or Scott Ryder.

Choose gender[]

Players can choose to play as a female, Sara Ryder, or a male, Scott Ryder.

Customize appearance[]

Players can choose the default appearance for Ryder or select a custom appearance to customize their look.


Presets Icon.png There are 10 head presets available for each twin:




Face Icon.png Players can customize seven facial features.

  • Skin
    • Complexion - 11 different types
    • Skin Tone - 20 different tones
  • Brow
    • Brow Height - 21 different heights
    • Brow Depth - 21 different depths
  • Cheek
    • Cheek Height - 21 different heights
    • Cheek Width - 21 different widths
    • Cheekbone Width - 21 different widths
  • Chin
    • Chin Height - 21 different heights
    • Chin Depth - 21 different depths
    • Chin Width - 21 different widths
    • Jaw Width - 21 different widths
  • Eyes
    • Eye Height - 21 different heights
    • Eye Depth - 21 different depths
    • Eye Width - 21 different widths
  • Mouth
  • Nose
    • Nose Height - 21 different heights
    • Nose Depth - 21 different depths
    • Nose Width - 21 different widths
    • Nose Size - 21 different sizes

Hair style[]

Hair Style Icon.png The player can customize hair style and color for either twin. Facial hair is available to male Ryders.

  • Hair style - 24 different styles
  • Hair color - 64 different hues
  • Facial hair type - Males only, with 8 different options
  • Facial hair color - Males only, with 64 different hues


Eyes Icon.png The player can customize outer and inner eye color.

  • Outer color - Uses an RGB dial
  • Inner color - Uses an RGB dial


Makeup Icon.png The player can customize the style and color of four types of makeup. All types are available to both twins.

  • Eyeliner style - 8 different styles of eyeliner and adjustable opacity
  • Eyeliner color - Uses an RGB dial
  • Eye shadow - 8 different styles of eye shadow and adjustable opacity
  • Eye shadow color - Uses an RGB dial
  • Lipstick style - 8 different styles of lipstick and adjustable opacity and gloss
  • Lipstick color - Uses an RGB dial
  • Blush style - 3 different styles of blush and adjustable opacity
  • Blush color - Uses an RGB dial

Scars & tattoos[]

Scars & Tattoos Icon.png The player can add scars and tattoos to either twin.

  • Scar tissue - 27 different styles of scars and adjustable intensity
  • Tattoo designs - 14 different styles of tattoos, including face and neck tattoos
  • Tattoo color - Uses an RGB dial

Choose training[]

Players can choose the special training Ryder received in the Milky Way before joining the Andromeda Initiative. This training determines what power you'll have from the start and what skills you'll gain early access to.

Choose name[]

Players can use the default first name of Sara or Scott, or choose their own. If the default is chosen, sometimes characters in the game will use the player's first name.

Customize twin[]

Players can choose the default appearance for their twin or customize their look. This uses the same customization options as the player's character outlined above.

Inherit Alec Ryder Appearance[]

Player can choose the appearance of your father, Alec Ryder. His appearance can either adapt to your player's customization, or remain as the default version.

With this option ON, Alec Ryder's appearance will be based on your customized Ryder. Setting this OFF will use Alec Ryder's default appearance.

Customize history[]

Players can choose the gender of the legendary Commander Shepard, first human Spectre and the Hero of the Citadel.

Upload character data[]

Checking this option uploads the character to the Mass Effect Archives website, where players can re-import it in the future or share it with friends. This option requires an active internet connection.

Import character data[]

For players that have set up an account on the Mass Effect Archives website, this option allows them to import a Mass Effect: Andromeda character they've previously uploaded or use custom appearances that others have shared online. This option requires an active internet connection.

The set will not be displayed and there is no confirmation before the load.

Confirm & start game[]

This menu will give a brief summary of the current state of the customizable options. After review, the option to confirm and start the game is possible from this menu.

Appearance: Custom Appearance or Default Appearance
Training: Selected training or Security (default)
Name: (custom name) Ryder or Sara/Scott Ryder
Twin: Custom Appearance or Default Appearance
Alec Ryder Appearance: Inherit Customized Appearance or Default Appearance
History: Female Shepard or Male Shepard


Once Confirm & Start Game is selected, the Difficulty menu will appear. There are five choices of difficulty:

  • NARRATIVE: This difficulty level is intended for players who are more interested in story than combat. Challenge level is very low.
  • CASUAL: This difficulty level is intended for players inexperienced with shooters. Challenge level is somewhat reduced.
  • NORMAL: This difficulty is intended for players with experience playing shooters and RPGs. This is the baseline Mass Effect combat experience.
  • HARDCORE: This difficulty is intended for players looking for a greater challenge. Advanced gameplay skills required.
  • INSANITY: This difficulty level is intended for players seeking the ultimate challenge.

Be Aware! - If you are attempting to attain the Unwavering achievement or trophy by completing an Insanity-level playthrough, you must select that difficulty from this menu and NOT change the difficulty level until the game is completed. If you change the difficulty at any time using the Gameplay sub-menu in the Settings menu, this achievement can be lost.

Selecting a difficulty level will bring up a final confirmation screen. This is the last chance to make and changes before selecting to start the game.

Exit - don't make changes[]

At anytime during the customization process, there is an option to exit the character customization menu and not save any changes. There will be an on screen prompt of this so that any changes aren't accidently lost.


Either of the Ryder twins' appearance after initial creation can be modified during the game by using the Facial Reconstruction Suite in the Tempest Med Bay, which becomes available upon returning to the Tempest after establishing Prodromos.

The specific weapon found during the objective Optional: Collect ammo and additional weapons during the mission Planetside is tied to the training selected during character customization.

Training Weapon
Security Charger
Biotic Charger
Technician Viper
Leader M-23 Katana
Scrapper M-23 Katana
Operative Viper

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