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The Common Area is a location on the Nexus station.


Notable Common Area locations include:

This area has a tram station that connects to the Cryo Bay1, Habitation Deck1, or Operations.

The HNS terminal is located in the entryway nearby the Tempest in the Docking Area on the Nexus.



The following missions take place or are acquired in the Common Area:

Priority Ops
Allies and Relationships
Heleus Assignments
Additional Tasks


The Archon's Flagship, Citadel, Nexus, and ND1 Nomad models can be purchased from the General Merchant.



Terminal entries[]


1 After events in Meridian: The Way Home, the Habitation Deck will no longer be available to visit using the tram station.
2 The Arms Merchant moves from Operations to the Common Area after Ryder has access to the Tempest and Common Area.
3 Chief Lucan, Dr. Leynomi Aridana, and Professor Herik move from Operations to the Tech Lab after A Better Beginning.
4 Isa de Navar appears after landing on Aya and returning Moshae Sjefa during A Trail of Hope.
5 Monkeys in Space is exclusive to Deluxe and Super Deluxe Editions.