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The Custom Match Menu

Custom Match is used to create your own lobby and invite some friends, or search for a match with specific settings.


The custom match menu is the main menu for missions in multiplayer gameplay. From here, the player can choose to play one of the current APEX strike team mission, the current Platinum STC APEX Platinum Mission Icon.png mission, or customized matches based on a number of settings.

All settings may be changed in this menu, while Quick Match only allows the selection of difficulty.

Match Settings[]

The Custom Match screen shows the current match settings. The default is a custom mission is Bronze STC Bronze Mission Icon.png difficulty with a random map and enemy type, open to any player searching for a match. There are two types of match, custom and APEX missions.

Custom Match[]

Custom Match

To define a custom match, select map, difficulty, enemy type, and privacy from this screen. The mission name will remain as Custom. Modifiers are not available for custom matches.

  • Map: Map Settings lists Random and the nine available firebases.
  • Difficulty: Difficulty Settings lists the four available difficulties and Random.
  • Enemy Type: Enemy Type Settings lists Random and the three available enemy types.
  • Match Privacy: Selecting this toggles the setting between public and private.

Select Create Match to create a lobby with the chosen match settings. Select Join Match to search for an open public match with the chosen match settings.

APEX Missions[]

Mission List

To play one of the current APEX strike team missions or the current Platinum STC APEX Platinum Mission Icon.png mission, select Mission: Custom to bring up the Mission List. Highlight a mission to see the details and status. As on the Strike team console, the firebase, difficulty, and enemy are indicated in the center image. The right side of the screen shows the mission description, the mission modifier, the mission rewards, and a countdown to mission expiration.

Select a mission to return to the Match Settings. Mission will now show the name of the APEX mission. The specified map, difficulty, and enemy type will be displayed and tagged with a Lock Only Map Icon.png lock. Match privacy defaults to public, but may be changed to private.

  • Mission difficulty is indicated by a color coded icon - Bronze STC Bronze Mission Icon.png, Silver STC Silver Mission Icon.png, Gold STC Gold Mission Icon.png, or Platinum Platinum Mission Icon.png.
  • New missions are tagged with the new item icon New Item Icon.png.
  • Missions in progress with strike teams are tagged with a clock STC Team Clock.png.
  • Missions that have been completed using a strike team have a green check box STC Mission Complete.png. The mission will still show on the list until the time expires but the following message will show over the center mission picture: "COMPLETED - This mission is already completed. You can still play the mission, but you won't receive additional rewards."
  • APEX missions are indicated by an APEX icon STC APEX Mission Icon.png in the center of a mission icon - Bronze STC APEX Bronze Mission Icon.png, Silver STC APEX Silver Mission Icon.png, Gold STC APEX Gold Mission Icon.png, or Platinum STC APEX Platinum Mission Icon.png.
    • The only Platinum level APEX mission is the Celebratory Mission. No other missions will appear as Platinum level APEX missions.

Select Custom from the top of the list to return to Match Settings without choosing an APEX mission.


Mission Details - Modifiers

Some modifiers come with bonuses to player XP and MP Credits Credits Icon.png. The more difficult a modifier makes a mission, the higher the bonus.

Modifier Bonus Penalty XP /
Credits Icon.png Bonus
Assault Rifle Skirmish +50% Assault Rifle Damage -50% Sniper Rifle Damage
-50% Shotgun Damage
-50% Pistol Damage
Combo-tastic +100% Detonation Damage
+50% Detonation Radius
None, -25%1
Dampened Powers -25% Power Damage
-25% Maximum Power Resources
10%, 10%
Dampened Weapons -25% Weapon Damage
-25% Magazine Size
10%, 10%
Dwindling Supplies Ammo boxes will not replenish over time. 10%, 10%2
Empty Resupply +800% Maximum Ammo
+8 Power Resources
Ammo Boxes Do Not Give Ammo or Resources 15%, 15%
Glass Jaw +1000% Enemy Melee Damage 15%, 15%
Go For the Eyes +200% Weapon Weak Point Bonus -50% Weapon Damage 10%, 10%
Hand-to-Hand +100% Melee Damage -25% Weapon Damage
-25% Power Damage
10%, 10%
Hyper Shields +100% Maximum Shields -75% Maximum Health 15%, 15%
Jammed Weapons -25% Rate of Fire
+50% Weight Recharge Penalty
10%, 10%
One Life to Live No One Revives During the Wave 20%, 20%
Pistol Skirmish +50% Pistol Damage -50% Assault Rifle Damage
-50% Shotgun Damage
-50% Sniper Rifle Damage
Shotgun Skirmish +50% Shotgun Damage -50% Assault Rifle Damage
-50% Sniper Rifle Damage
-50% Pistol Damage
Sniper Rifle Skirmish +50% Sniper Rifle Damage -50% Assault Rifle Damage
-50% Shotgun Damage
-50% Pistol Damage
Weakened Assault Team -25% Maximum Health
-25% Maximum Shields
15%, 15%
Wounded Apex Team -50% Maximum Health
-50% Maximum Shields
25%, 25%

1 While there are no changes to the XP earned with the Combo-tastic modifier, the MP Credit award is only 75% of the unmodified amount.
2 The bonus shown in-game for the Dwindling Supplies modifier is 25% credits, 25% XP, but the actual bonus is 10% each.

APEX Mission Rewards[]

Defined missions are rewarded with Mission Funds Mission Funds Icon.png in addition to the experience and credit rewards received for custom missions.

Difficulty Mission Funds Icon.png
STC APEX Bronze Mission Icon.png Bronze +10
STC APEX Silver Mission Icon.png Silver +10
STC APEX Gold Mission Icon.png Gold +10
STC APEX Platinum Mission Icon.png Platinum +15



There are nine multiplayer maps available to choose from, or one can be selected at random. The selected map will have a green check mark Equipped Item Icon.png.

The Remnant Ruins map is used for the Celebratory Challenge only. This map isn't available to create a custom match.


A level is assigned at random.

Firebase Zero

Firebase Zero

Firebase Zero is one of the first productive eezo mining facilities in Andromeda, and its output is critical to the Andromeda Initiative's mission. Its strategic value has attracted the attention of kett troops and profiteers alike.

Firebase Sandstorm

Firebase Sandstorm

Researchers at this sweltering outpost develop strategies and equipment to mitigate the desert's damaging effects on armor, weapons, and shuttles. Their collected data would provide a valuable strategic advantage to anyone operating in the searing heat and coarse sand of the Heleus Cluster's desert worlds.

Firebase Icebreaker

Firebase Icebreaker

Outlaws built this facility to crack thick ice fields and obtain cheap fuel and ingredients for rare narcotics. Enemy factions want that factory up and running - the kett want its fuel, the outlaws want the profits, and more Remnant are reaching the surface through the cracked ice. The militia wants this facility shut down for good.

Firebase Derelict

Firebase Derelict

This kett ship is adrift in the Scourge. Symbolically important to the kett, its databanks are also full of valuable information to those who can decipher it. Damage to the ship requires sections to be sealed off and re-opened for the militia to proceed, gathering information before they meet an extraction shuttle.

Firebase Magma

Firebase Magma

A lava field isn't the likeliest place for an industrial outpost, but outlaws built a facility here to harness its massive amounts of geothermal energy. This power then fuels advanced factories that create experimental weapons and incendiary munitions.

Firebase Paradox

Firebase Paradox

The kett uncovered an invaluable and mysterious Remnant artifact on this uncharted world. Its power could allow them -or anyone who controls it- to dominate this system. With such high stakes, even the kett's defense can't keep intruders out, or contain the Remnant. Battles erupt on the various research platforms on the artifact as the militia fights against any enemy footholds.

Firebase Aqua

Firebase Aqua

The angara—and their Resistance—have long relied on this once-hidden clean water source for survival. Now that their water-processing plant's location is no longer a secret, we need to make any invaders think twice about attempting to occupy it.

Firebase Vertigo

Firebase Vertigo

Scattered around Voeld, these towers function as Kett outposts and surface-level entrances to underground facilities that produce and store geothermal energy, making them excellent strategic targets.

Firebase Nimbus

Firebase Nimbus

Situated in a low orbit over Irivosna, this kett observatory collects data on the gas giant that could prove crucial in understanding the development of the cluster.

Remnant Ruins

Remnant Ruins

A dark and dangerous cave network where the Archon keeps a collection of Remnant.



Difficulty can be selected from Bronze, Silver, Gold, Platinum, or Random. The selected difficulty will have a green check mark Equipped Item Icon.png.

Custom Match - Bronze Difficulty.png

Suited for characters of any level. Reward levels are moderate. Recommended level: 1 or above

Custom Match - Silver Difficulty.png

Suited for medium-level characters. Reward levels are increased. Recommended level: 10 or above

Custom Match - Gold Difficulty.png

Suited for high-level characters. Reward levels are maximized. Recommended level: 18 or above

Custom Match - Platinum Difficulty.png

Platinum difficulty provides a challenge for even the strongest players. Reward levels are very high. Recommended level: 20

Selecting the Platinum difficulty level mixes enemies from all three enemy types automatically.

Custom Match - Random Difficulty.png

The difficulty level is assigned at random.

Enemy Type[]

Enemy Type

There are three enemy types available to choose from, or one can be selected at random. The selected enemy type will have a green check mark Equipped Item Icon.png.

Selecting the Platinum difficulty level mixes enemies from all three enemy types automatically.


Custom Match - Random Enemy.png

An enemy faction is assigned at random.


Custom Match - Kett Enemy.png

The kett are brutal conquerors from an unknown area of Andromeda beyond the borders of the Heleus Cluster. Seemingly genderless, they prize physical supremacy and genetic dominance. The kett believe their species is superior to all others.


Custom Match - Remnant Enemy.png

The Remnant are the technological remains of an advanced, mysterious creator species that abandoned the Heleus Cluster about 600 years ago. Often, the Remnant - ranging from small Observers to gigantic Architects - guard vaults and ruins, defending and keeping vigil over devices that can alter entire planets.


Custom Match - Outlaw Enemy.png

Outlaws are a loosely organized, ragtag group who are out for themselves in the Heleus Cluster. Some were exiled from the original Nexus crew; some lost faith in Initiative leadership and broke away. Most though, are brigands and pirates who are only concerned about grinding out profit and personal gain in the lawless cluster.

Match Privacy[]

Match Privacy

There are two choices available for this match setting: Public and Private.

  • Public - This match is open for matchmaking.
  • Private - This match is closed to matchmaking.

With privacy set to Public, a player may select Create Match or Join Match. Create Match creates a lobby with selected match settings. Join Match searches for an open public match with the selected match settings. If a match is not found, the lobby will be created. Any player can join an open public match.

With privacy set to Private, only Create Match is available. A private match is only available to players on the player's friends list and friends of players who have joined the match.