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*Daily* - Tech Mastery
*Daily* - Tech Mastery
Type Major
Progress 0/31,500
Challenge Points 5
Unlock Mission Funds Icon.png 30
Earn Points using Tech Powers

*Daily* - Tech Mastery is a random challenge in multiplayer.


Earn points against any enemies on any map during any difficulty using tech skills to cross the points threshold and this challenge will be completed.

This mission will randomly appear as a daily challenge with a countdown timer.

Most active Active Tech Skill Icon.png tech skills and a single passive Passive Tech Skill Icon.png tech skill can be used for this challenge.

The following skills count towards this challenge:

The following skills do not count towards this challenge:


Despite Bioelectric Focus Rank 6A Retaliation causing damage to enemies, this skill doesn't count towards the *Daily* - Tech Mastery.