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Datapads are information devices found throughout the Heleus Cluster.


Datapads are items that can be interacted with during gameplay. Datapads may contain personal logs, status reports, cargo manifests, menus, research notes, treatises on government, or simple notes.


There are three types of datapads that can be encountered during gameplay: Angaran, Initiative, and Kett.

Each datapad has a distinct visual display style but function in the exact same fashion.

There are hundreds of unique datapads found during gameplay. For a complete list, and sub lists of each datapad type, refer to the categories below:

Initial Hyperion Datapads[]

These are the first datapads seen.

Name Location
Message from Captain Dunn Hyperion Cryo Bay
Message from Jien Garson Hyperion Cryo Bay
Event Tracking Logs Hyperion tram accessway
Pathfinder Team Field Manual Hyperion Locker Room

Mission-related Datapads[]

The following is a list of mission-related datapads.

Name Mission
Audio Dictation Log: Ella Menkov Missing Science Crew
Best Booze in Universe Has Moved! Task: Beer Run
Charter Governing Citizens of Aya, Revised Task: Laws and Customs
Conquerors Task: Roekaar Manifestos
Fire Task: Roekaar Manifestos
For the fallen End of Watch
Garson Notes Ryder Family Secrets
Hope Task: Roekaar Manifestos
Invasion Task: Roekaar Manifestos
Justice End of Watch
Legacy Task: Roekaar Manifestos
Little Mouse Task: Little Mouse
Log: Site 2 Work Crews The Secret Project
Message for Grel The Lost Song
Message for Narisse Task: Kadara's Ransom
New Journal: Ana Carrell, Day 1 (datapad) Task: The Ghost of Promise
New Journal: Ana Carrell, Day 8 (datapad) Task: The Ghost of Promise
New Journal: Ana Carrell, Final Entry (datapad) Task: The Ghost of Promise
Observation Log Mind Games
Outcasts and Collective Task: Kadara's Ransom
Progress Report From the Dust
Report: Aya Intercepted
Report: Estraaja Intercepted
Report: Scout Destranja Intercepted
Research Notes: Ana Carrell Task: The Ghost of Promise
Roekaar Beacon Interface Jaal Ama Darav: Friend or Foe?
Sanjiv Clement: Last Words Task: Traitor or Victim?
The Chief Engineer Something Personnel
The end is coming End of Watch
Three Sabers Memo Life on the Frontier
To those who follow us End of Watch
Truth Task: Roekaar Manifestos
Update The Rebel
Work Rosters: Week 2 Shock Treatment