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Deconstructing Heleus X Chest Armor

Deconstruct is a unique feature that allows Ryder to recover resources and inventory space from crafted, found, or purchased weapons and armor.


Inventory items are acquired through combat, exploration, purchase, and/or strike teams. Even with increased inventory capacity, Ryder will eventually reach the limit. If a merchant is not readily available, the best option may be to deconstruct weapons or armor, since resources don't take up inventory slots.

Guidelines for Deconstruction[]

The following general rules can be used for trying to determine whether to sell or deconstruct weapons/armor (based on the value of the credits that can be recovered).

  • Common, Uncommon, and Rare Weapons
    1. Deconstruct weapon and keep the components
    2. Deconstruct weapon and sell the components
    3. Sell the weapon
  • Ultra Rare Weapons
    1. Sell the weapon
    2. Deconstruct weapon and keep the components
    3. Deconstruct weapon and sell the components
  • All Armor (except Heleus Armor; see Notes)
    1. Deconstruct armor and keep the components
    2. Deconstruct armor and sell the components
    3. Sell the armor

In general, the cost of the materials cannot be recovered by selling the item. (See Notes for an exception.)

Non-crafted weapons sometimes return an augmentation when deconstructed. This is an additional benefit besides credits and a reason why deconstruction may be a better choice than selling, even for Ultra Rare weapons. (See Notes)


Deconstruct screen

Deconstruct screen with augmentations

The deconstruct process is very simple:

  • Open the Inventory screen, choose a weapon or armor piece to deconstruct, and select Deconstruct.
  • The Deconstruct screen will show the materials to be returned to Ryder and the option to continue with the deconstruct or cancel.
  • Select OK to deconstruct the item and recover the listed resources.

Currently equipped items can't be deconstructed. (see Deconstruct Strategy)

Weapons and Armor[]

A fraction of the materials used to develop an item will be recovered, with the exception of Remnant Cores, which will only be returned from Heleus Icon Armor X. All augmentations will be returned. Equipped fusion mods and weapon mods are returned.

Other Items[]

The following items may not be deconstructed, but they may be destroyed to make room for something more useful (if necessary). Not all items like this take up space though.

Deconstruction is the only way to get augmentations already developed into items returned to Ryder.

Deconstruction issues[]

Certain items have discrepancies and/or changes to the returned resources from the normal pattern during deconstruction. These are confirmed through deconstruction to actually return the resources listed and are not display errors. These differences are listed below:


  • The value of augmentations isn't included in the selling price of an item.
  • Augmentations can't be deconstructed or destroyed but they can be sold to a merchant.
  • Special items may not be deconstructed or destroyed.
  • The Ultra Rare kett Soned assault rifle fits the same model as Common, Uncommon, and Rare weapons, except at Tiers I, IX and X. The discrepancy at Tier I is 2 credits under the base price structure.
  • Despite the involvement of Remnant cores in developing Heleus Defender Armor, the better choice is to deconstruct the helmet. Remnant cores are only recovered through deconstruction of Heleus Icon Armor X and cannot be purchased, so they aren't relevant to the calculations. The exception is the Heleus Defender Helmet I, where the difference between selling the helmet and selling the recovered resources is 16 credits.
  • With regard to the Heleus Defender Chest, the better choice depends whether Rare or Ultra Rare augmentations were used in the development of the piece. If so, deconstructing the armor makes more sense. If not, the choice depends on the price structure and the goal. Under the base structure, if the player needs the component materials, deconstruct the armor and keep the recovered resources. If the need is for credits, selling the armor is the better choice. Under both Grey Market Connections and Grey Market Connections II, selling the armor results in net income.
  • There is a chance that a weapon purchased, crafted, found, or recovered by a Strike team Item Loot Box will drop a random augmentation on deconstruction. (See Augmentation Drops for odds of recovery). Researchable augmentations not already known will not be recovered. This drop will not be shown on the deconstruct screen and you will have to compare your inventory before/after to determine if an augmentation was dropped.
  • Because the Team Ryncol Manager and the Blood Threshers Manager pay the purchase price for all items, selling Common, Uncommon, and Rare weapons becomes more profitable than selling the recovered resources.