Dissension in the Ranks

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Dissension in the Ranks
Dissension in the Ranks
Type Allies and relationships
Starting Location Tempest
Mission Location Multiple
Start email
End Primus
Previous Know Your Enemy

Dissension in the Ranks is an allies and relationships mission. It is acquired automatically on completion of Know Your Enemy.

Description[edit | edit source]

Nakmor scouts from New Tuchanka have reported kett ships crashed on Elaaden. They believe this is something that warrants a Pathfinder's attention.

It appears there are two warring factions of kett. At the crash site, you discovered a strange kett data device. It needs to be brought back to the Tempest for further analysis.

Not all kett follow the Archon without question. Someone is disseminating propaganda and speaking out against him. It might be prudent to investigate the source of the propaganda.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Check your email
  • Investigate the crashed kett ships on Elaaden
  • Defeat the kett
  • Search the site
  • Speak with Suvi on the Tempest
  • Confer with Lexi
  • Locate the source of the signal on Eos
  • Scan the relay to track down source of signal
  • Track the signal to the second relay
  • Track the signal to the third relay
  • Track the signal to the fourth relay
  • Investigate the building

Notes[edit | edit source]

Ryder must complete Know Your Enemy and Dissension in the Ranks before starting Meridian: The Way Home to have the option to use the kill code. If Ryder takes the deal with the Primus during Dissension in the Ranks, the Primus: Enemy of my Enemy sub-mission will appear giving Ryder the option of uploading the code or deciding to take their chances without it. Using the kill code received from the Primus disables the Primus' ship, and prevents kett reinforcements from landing, thereby reducing the number of kett present outside Meridian Control.

The explicit offer of a deal from the Primus seems dependent on the squad members present. Cora Harper, Peebee, and Vetra Nyx are willing to accept the offer; Liam Kosta, Nakmor Drack, and Jaal Ama Darav are not. If the squad members are of mixed opinion or are both against taking the deal, the offer of a kill code is explicit, Ryder has the option of accepting or declining, and Ryder's choice is reflected in the Codex entry The Primus Offer, under Agent of Change. Strangely, if Ryder is accompanied by two people willing to take the deal, the offer is not made and the exchange is not mentioned in the Codex.

It is possible to complete this mission after completing Meridian: The Way Home. There is no difference in the XP and AVP rewards. However, the audio logs and the final message from the Primus reflect the Archon's death.

The three audio logs play in a fixed order no matter which audio log is listened to first.

Research Opportunities[edit | edit source]

Cave, North of Prodromos with Mobile Relay Aiz

  • +10 Milky Way RD - Stasis Escape Pod

Scan the beacons at the first three relay points.

  • +10 Heleus RD - Mobile Relay Aiz
  • +10 Heleus RD - Mobile Relay Shu
  • +10 Heleus RD - Mobile Relay Zal

There is a Kett Core Encryption Tech device inside the final building at Blackrock Tande that can be scanned for +100 Heleus RD.

Gallery[edit | edit source]

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Read kett data-log on Elaaden:

Talk to Primus on Eos: