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Orbital distance 32.8 AU
Orbital period 44.4 years
Radius 6168 km
Atmospheric pressure 0.89 atmospheres
Surface temperature 52C to 99C
Available minerals Element Zero Icon.png Element Zero
Graphite Icon.png Graphite
Iron Icon.png Iron
Silicon Icon.png Silicon
A moistureless, sweltering landscape covered by a large number of cover-subsidence sinkholes, Elaaden still supports life to a limited degree. The fledgling krogan colony of New Tuchanka is here, along with what appear to be abandoned mining facilities, scattered outposts and camps.

Elaaden, also known as Habitat 2, is a planet in the Zaubray star system.



The following missions take place or are acquired on Elaaden:

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Research Opportunities[]

Research Data (RD) opportunities on Elaaden are found on specific mission and location pages. Some items are cleverly hidden and not associated with missions or high traffic areas. These are known as orphan RD items. For a complete list of all orphan research data items, see Research Data Orphans.



Terminal entries[]

Forward station terminal entries[]

Architect Husk: Elaaden[]

Zaubray - Elaaden - Architect Husk Elaaden.png

An anomaly is detected on this planet after Architect on Elaaden. Scanning reveals an Architect Husk: Elaaden.


  • Classification: Enemy (decommissioned)
  • Origin: Andromeda (Elaaden)


This Remnant Architect's programming directives have been interrupted. It is in an orbital standby mode and remains tethered to its home planet Elaaden. From this unique vantage point, it's clear that the extreme heat of the planet had begun to degrade (i.e. fry) vital systems. Many systems seem to be incorrectly pinging "all clear".



Codex Card Elaaden.png

Elaaden is the scorching desert moon of a gas giant. Identified on Initiative charts as Habitat 2, Elaaden was considered a "golden world," despite its harsh conditions, because of the moon's vast mineral wealth. Tidal gravitational effects cause plumes of sodium silicate to erupt from Elaaden's core, depositing unusually pure silicon sand across the surface—invaluable for manufacturing high-performance computer hardware.

Orbital surveys show that contrary to projections, Elaaden is almost devoid of water vapor, making long-term settlement or mining efforts unlikely. Those who live on Elaaden face a constant struggle for survival. Able to thrive in environments that would kill most organic species in days, the krogan who departed the Nexus have established a colony on Elaaden and defend their sovereignty fiercely. The Nexus advises travelers to avoid Elaaden if possible.

The activated Remnant vault has increased the presence of cloud-forming particulates in Elaaden's sky. Though the moon is still brutally hot, moisture levels have noticeably risen, increasing ambient humidity and the likelihood of rain. The Nexus scientists advise that the inhabitants of Elaaden, once starved for water, should prepare for flash floods.

Resolution of Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core[]

This text is inserted if Ryder gives the Remnant drive core to Nakmor Morda:

After the gift of a valuable Remnant drive core, the krogan colony of New Tuchanka is now allied with the Initiative. Overlord Morda shares leadership with the Initiative's assigned representative, Kariste Archana. The Nexus is gathering a negotiation team to draw up mineral and water claims on Elaaden. There is no data on whom the krogan are choosing as negotiators.

Environmental Information[]

Elaaden is a desert world with scorching levels of heat prior to activation of the planet's vault. All areas not in constant deep shade or indoors will causeHeat Hazard Icon.pngHEAT HAZARD damage and pose an environmental hazard to personnel and vehicles.

  • Hazard Level 1 - TEMPERATURE 50.98°C
  • Hazard Level 3 - TEMPERATURE 69.22°C
  • Hazard Level 4 - TEMPERATURE 124.56°C — 1,231.97°C


Found in the northern dune regions, the Remnant Abyssal can be seen erupting from the dunes in a large arc before plunging back into the ground. This Remnant construct can't be damaged or interacted with in any useful way. That doesn't stop Nakmor Drack from voicing an alarm.