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Electrical Conduits
Electrical Conduits
Item Rarity Ultra Rare
Type Gun Projectile
Usage Guns
Technology Milky Way
RD Cost 200
Icon Electrical Conduits Icon.png
Description When applied on guns, this is a Gun Projectile augmentation. You may apply one such augment to a gun during the development process.
When applied on armor, this is a Special augmentation. You may apply one such augment to an armor piece during the development process.

Electrical Conduits is a Gun Projectile or Special augmentation. The type for this augmentation is based on the item that it is developed into.


Automatic Weapons:
Weapon now fires a beam of electricity.

Non-Automatic Weapons:
Weapon now fires electrical projectiles.

Stuns melee attackers with electrical damage.


This augmentation cannot be applied to the following items during development:

This augmentation cannot be applied to the following firearms during development:


Electrical Conduits is the only augmentation that has two different augmentation types associated with it. As both types are apply only one such augment during development, they can't be stacked.

Electrical Conduits has a problem when applied to specific weapons that is not isolated to a weapon type, technology, or firing-mode. After the trigger is pulled for the first shot, the weapon will continue to fire until the thermal clip or infinite heat sink is empty. Once that happens, the reloading or recharging animation will stop the firing. Once the trigger is pulled again, the unwanted firing cycle begins again. There are actions that can be taken during the automatic firing sequence to stop the shooting, such as opening the weapon wheel, using a skill, landing after jumping, or evading in any direction. However, performing these actions during combat simply to stop the weapon from firing can be very disruptive.

It is advised to not apply electrical conduits to the following weapons:

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