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Ellen Ryder
Ellen Ryder
Species Human

Ellen Ryder is a human character and the mother of Sara and Scott Ryder.


Ellen Ryder (formerly Harlow) was a pioneering designer of biotic implants. In the 2150s, she was a leading biomedical and cybernetic researcher at UFRJ in Rio de Janeiro. When human biotics began to emerge as a scientific field, Ellen found possible applications for her work in neuro-integrated wetware. Her early designs for biotic implants formed the framework for later L2 and L3 models.

Ellen met Alec Ryder when he was posted to Rio for ICT ("N7") training before the First Contact War. She eventually joined Alec on the Citadel when he was posted there as military attaché, and gave birth to fraternal twins on the station in 2163.

Unfortunately, element zero—the catalyst for biotic mutations—is a hazardous material, poorly understood in the early years of human biotics. After repeat accidental exposures, Ellen eventually developed a terminal neuro-degenerative disorder (later known as AEND).

In her final years, Ellen Ryder built what would later become the Pathfinder implants, designed to sync with the AI partner Alec Ryder was developing. Ellen died before my creation was fully realized.

Resolution of Ryder Family Secrets[]

In her final years, Ellen Ryder built what would later become the Pathfinder implants designed, partly at Alec Ryder's suggestion. Their intent was to use me and the physiological adjustments of the implant to cure Ellen's illness. However, her condition worsened before my creation was fully realized.

Alec Ryder chose to use the resources of the Andromeda Initiative, and placed Ellen in stasis under an assumed name. He hoped that scientific discoveries in Andromeda would enable him to save her. Ellen Ryder currently remains safely in stasis under the alias "Elizabeth Reilly."