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Forward station on Eos

Forward stations are Andromeda Initiative checkpoints that provide a number of benefits.


Forward stations are automatically deployed upon approaching a marked drop point Forward Station Map Icon.png on the map. Each forward station adds 2 AVP and increases planetary viability by 2%. (See Notes for exceptions)

Each forward station adds mining zones Basic Mining Zone Map Icon.png to the map, acts as a fast travel point Fast Travel Map Icon.png, allows changing loadout, restocks the squad as a large supply cache, and allows calling the ND1 Nomad if it gets lost or destroyed. Forward stations also repair damage to the Nomad and act as a safe zone to restore life support while protecting the squad from any environmental hazards. In addition, forward stations established in an Initiative outpost are equipped with a research center.

On Havarl, where the Nomad cannot be deployed, direct extraction to the Tempest is available at a forward station.
On H-047c, because you can't leave the Nomad, normal functions of a forward station aren't available. Loadout, research center, and terminal entries won't work. Most of the domes have a marked loadout terminal Loadout Map Icon.png.


Codex Card Tech SH Forward Stations.png

Automated forward stations are part of the initial wave of exploration or colonist deployment. They contain valuable resource caches for explorers to resupply, repair stations for vehicles, and ground-penetrating sensors to identify mineral deposits. Their presence improves the chances of a planet being considered viable.

When a planet is seriously considered for settlement or a survey is ongoing, forward stations are seeded into orbit via automated barges. Once summoned to a designated zone, forward stations descend and anchor themselves on the ground, becoming valuable landmarks. Most scout rovers have forward station connectivity, allowing them to be summoned to the stations.

Current resource constraints mean that, in theory, only Pathfinders have official sanction to call down forward stations. In reality, reports show that enterprising colonists or unscrupulous scavengers have been know to hack the signals to raid the stations for supplies.


Forward stations can be upgraded with additional functionality with the cryo pod perks Expanded Field AnalysisEnhanced Mining Zone Icon.png, Expanded Field Analysis II Rare Mining Zone Icon.png, and Reconnaissance Hidden Cache Map Icon.png.

Forward station terminal entries[]

Prodromos terminal.png

Forward stations can be interacted with for additional planetary information. These function in the same manner as terminal entries provide information on the exploration of the planet.







On all planets with forward stations, forward stations will drop when approached. Eos is a special case in that most of the map is inaccessible until the radiation has cleared. A few forward stations will be available to drop right away but the remaining ones will only drop after the radiation has cleared.

The forward station called down to Site 1: Promise on Eos during A Better Beginning does not provide AVP or planetary viability. However, the first landing on Eos with the Tempest does grant 2 AVP and increases Eos viability by 2%.

The forward station on the vault island on Eos doesn't grant AVP or viability bonuses.

There will be no forward stations marked on the map on Voeld until Ryder approaches the drop location outside the eastern entrance to the Angaran Resistance Base or until Ryder completes Meet the Resistance by speaking with Beniska and Tseek. Either action will cause all forward stations will appear on the map.

The forward station located at the exit of the Remnant Derelict on Elaaden during the mission Investigate Remnant Derelict will only drop as a part of that mission.

Forward stations on H-047c only award AVP as what remains of the planet can't be made viable.

The number of forward stations established can be tracked on the Accomplishments tab in the statistics menu.