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Fusion Mods.png

Fusion mods are used to enhance armor. Each is far more powerful than the otherwise comparable armor augmentation, but each comes with a major penalty. As with weapon mods, fusion mods can be swapped out during loadout.

List of armor fusion mods[]

Icon Name Rarity Bonus Penalty Location Acquisition
Fusion Mod of Adrenaline.png
Fusion Mod of Adrenaline Ultra Rare +100% On Kill: Recharge All Active Powers -50% All Power Recharge Speeds Havarl Puzzle-locked container,
See Location and Acquisition
Fusion Mod of Battering.png
Fusion Mod of Battering Ultra Rare +30% Melee Damage -20% Tech Power Damage
-20% Biotic Power Damage
-20% Weapon Damage
-20% Combat Power Damage
Kadara Neutralize the Architect
Fusion Mod of Biotic Mastery.png
Fusion Mod of Biotic Mastery Ultra Rare +30% Biotic Power Damage -20% Melee Damage
-20% Weapon Damage
-20% Tech Power Damage
-20% Combat Power Damage
Eos Neutralize the Architect
Fusion Mod of Health.png
Fusion Mod of Health Ultra Rare +100% Max Health -50% Max Shields Khi Tasira Defeat the Archon's Sword during The Journey to Meridian
Fusion Mod of Hovering.png
Fusion Mod of Hovering Ultra Rare +100% Hover Duration -30% Weapon Damage Voeld Neutralize the Architect
Fusion Mod of Rapid Deployment.png
Fusion Mod of Rapid Deployment Ultra Rare +50% All Power Recharge Speeds -30% Weapon Damage Kadara Activate the Vault
Fusion Mod of Resistance.png
Fusion Mod of Resistance Ultra Rare +20 Damage Resistance -10% Weapon Damage
-10% Power Damage
-10% Melee Damage
Voeld Activate the Vault
Fusion Mod of Robotics.png
Fusion Mod of Robotics Ultra Rare +25% Tech Construct Health
+25% Tech Construct Damage
-50% Max Shields Havarl Activate the Vault
Fusion Mod of Rupture.png
Fusion Mod of Rupture Ultra Rare +25% Weapon Headshot/Weak Point Bonus -70% Weapon Clip Size Elaaden Activate the Vault
Fusion Mod of Shielding.png
Fusion Mod of Shielding Ultra Rare +50% Max Shields -50% Max Health Eos Activate the Vault
Fusion Mod of Tech Mastery.png
Fusion Mod of Tech Mastery Ultra Rare +30% Tech Power Damage -20% Biotic Power
-20% Weapon Damage
-20% Melee Damage
-20% Combat Power Damage
Elaaden Neutralize the Architect


  • Only chest armor pieces for Ryder can use fusion mods.
  • Equipped fusion mods have a green check mark Equipped Item Icon.png.
  • The Deep Space Explorer Armor and Scavenger Armor cannot be equipped with fusion mods.
  • The penalty of the mods can be cut in half with the Commerce Cryo Pod perk Fusion Mod Support.
  • Save for two, all fusion mods are obtained by activating Vaults or killing Architects.
  • Fusion mods do not count towards the inventory item limit.
  • These items will not show up in the "Armor" screen at a merchant but only in the "All Items" screen.
  • These are unique items that can't be found again during the same playthrough. While it is possible to sell a fusion mod to a merchant, it is HIGHLY advised not to do so.
  • New Game + Ryders will retain the fusion mods from their predecessor and could reasonably sell duplicates as they acquire their own.

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