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Gil Brodie
Gil Brodie
Species Human
Origin Earth
Known affiliations Andromeda Initiative

Gil Brodie is a human character and the engineer and mechanic aboard the Tempest.


Technical Officer Gil Brodie is the chief engineer aboard the Tempest. After traveling to Andromeda aboard the Nexus, records show that Gil was woken from stasis roughly a year ago to assist with construction efforts before prepping the Tempest itself.

There are no records of Gil's early life: he explains he was an undocumented "street kid" from one of Earth's megapolis cities. Though unschooled, Gil likely showed a remarkable aptitude for mathematics and spatial reasoning since at ten, he often broke into a local scrapyard to dismantle and repair destroyed shuttle engines. In time he was caught and "sentenced to a steady job."

Gil's mechanical expertise eventually drew him off-world, to numerous colonies across the Milky Way. His unconventional work drew the attention of Vetra Nyx, who agrees she was always on the lookout for new contacts. Vetra claims she persuaded Gil to join the Initiative: Gil claims he won Vetra's Initiative clearance in a poker game, and exchanged it for a guaranteed seat along with his friend Jill. He remains an invaluable member of the Tempest crew.


Gil is involved in the following missions: