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Gil Brodie: The Friend
Gil Brodie: The Friend
Type Allies and relationships
Starting Location Tempest
Mission Location Prodromos, Eos
Start email
End Gil Brodie
Previous Gil Brodie: A Game of Poker

Gil Brodie: The Friend is an allies and relationships mission. It is acquired through an email received after Hunting the Archon and Gil Brodie: A Game of Poker.


A new email from Gil is waiting for you.

Gil has asked you to come to Prodromos to meet his friend Jill.


  • Read email from Gil
  • Meet Gil and Jill on Eos at Prodromos


If Ryder is romancing Gil, he will ask to clarify their relationship so he knows how to introduce Ryder to Jill.


There is no viability or XP reward for this mission but the conversation reveals more about Gil.