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Govorkam System.png

Govorkam is a star system located in the Heleus cluster.


Anomaly 1[]

Govorkam - Starship Wreckage.png

An anomaly is detected in this system. Scanning reveals Starship Wreckage.


  • Ship ident: Unknown
  • Ship name: Unknown
  • Crew complement: Unknown (estimate 5-8)
  • Status: N/A


The paltry remains of a kett dropship. Whoever destroyed it thoroughly scavenged its parts, but perhaps there's something they missed.


Anomaly 2[]

Govorkam - ZK Resource Tracker.png

A second anomaly is detected in this system during The Little Things That Matter. Scanning reveals a ZK Resource Tracker.


  • Satellite ID: Encrypted
  • Power readings: ERROR
  • System report: ERROR
  • Status: ERROR


This satellite tracks Initiative shipments and allocates emergency drops without authorization. No ZK-Tracker satellites were authorized or deployed by the Nexus.


Anomaly 3[]

Govorkam - Remains Captain Nozomi Dunn.png

A third anomaly is detected in this system after Epilogue: Home and Away if Nozomi Dunn did not survive the Hyperion's landing. Scanning reveals Remains: Captain Nozomi Dunn.

Initiative beacon responding:
The remains of Captain Nozomi Dunn, committed to the stars for all and ever.

The Steed is pale but tireless will I ride,
Where e'er the wind and hills will have me roam.
I fear no veil, nor misery abide,
I am not lost, the journey is my home.

(Personal record and honors follow. It's a long list.)


  • +270 XP on scan


This anomaly will vanish if the asari and turian Pathfinders are acquired after Epilogue: Home and Away.