Habitation Deck

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The Habitation Deck is located on the Hyperion.

Locations[edit | edit source]

Notable habitation deck locations include:

This area has a tram station that connects to the Common Area1, Cryo Bay2, or Operations.

NPCs[edit | edit source]

Missions[edit | edit source]

The following missions take place or are acquired at the Cryo Bay:

Priority Ops
Allies and Relationships
Heleus Assignments
Additional Tasks

Notes[edit | edit source]

Despite the objective stating Search for supplies in the Hyperion Atrium during Task: Better Crafting, the Milky Way hops are actually found outside the Atrium on the Habitation Deck.

Any missions acquired and/or any objectives in the Habitation Deck must be completed before starting Meridian: The Way Home. Due to events in Meridian: The Way Home, these missions will become unavailable and/or portions of the missions will fail.

After Meridian: The Way Home, and the Hyperion is repurposed as Port Meridian, this area in general is still available to visit. It is no longer called the Habitation Deck, but is instead called "Meridian" on the overhead map.

1 Despite what the tram station terminal says, the tram doesn't connect to the "Docking Bay" but instead connects the Common Area. The Docking Area can be found in the Common Area.
2 After events in Meridian: The Way Home, the Cryo Bay will no longer be available to visit on the tram station.