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Hainly Abrams
Hainly Abrams
Species Human
Gender Female
Known affiliations Andromeda Initiative
Location Prodromos, Eos

Hainly Abrams is a human character and the director of scientific research in Prodromos on Eos. She is a transgender woman.


Hainly was a lab tech in the Milky Way. She came to Andromeda with her fiancé, Evan Kendricks, a water technician slated to be released from cryo as part of the late second wave.


Hainly Abrams is related to the following missions:


BioWare has come under fire for perceived misrepresentations of a transgender person due to the character initially volunteering information about her pretransition name. A statement was released and changes were made to better reflect the experiences and outlook of a trans person. The player will only receive this information after a relationship is established through gameplay.

After several conversations, Hainly will ask Ryder for a favor—have her fiancé released from cryo. Once that is accomplished, Hainly will be willing to discuss her reasons for coming to Andromeda.