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Healing Kadara's Heart
Healing Kadara's Heart
Type Heleus assignments
Starting Location Kadara
Mission Location Kadara
Start approach a monolith

Healing Kadara's Heart is a heleus assignments mission. It is acquired by approaching one of the monoliths on Kadara.


Kadara needs clean drinking water—streams and lakes are toxic and filled with sulfuric acid. Remnant technology could transform Kadara's water supply, but the monoliths around the planet must be activated to begin the process.

After you activated three monoliths activated, a vault emerged.

The vault on Kadara is likely the key to starting the process that will heal the planet's environment. Explore the vault and determine a way to activate it.


  • Activate monoliths (0/3)
  • Investigate the vault's entrance
  • Activate the vault's emergency power
  • Remove the vault's lockdown
  • Escape the purification field and exit the vault

The Outlaw Monolith[]


The Outlaw Monolith sub-mission appears upon approaching each inactive monolith. Each monolith requires a different number of glyphs: two at the western monolith, three at the northern monolith, and four at the southern monolith. Only the northern monolith requires solving a remnant decryption puzzle.

There is a Remnant decryption skill point puzzle in a side room of the vault. Solving it yields two skill points.

Research Opportunities[]

There are several items that can be scanned for Research Data (RD) during this mission. +120 Milky Way RD, +10 Heleus RD, +900 Remnant RD.

Nothern Monolith:
Climbing up some rocks to one of the glyphs, there is an Adaptive Remnant Core Device to scan for +100 Remnant RD.

Southern Monolith:
The fried Observers inside the cave entrance are tricky to scan, but they yield +10 Heleus RD.

To the east of the monolith cave, there is a landing platform with an elevated tower. Before activating the monolith, the platform area will be empty. After Ryder activates the monolith, the area will have a fight between two rival enemy factions.

  • On the platform, there is an Adapted Initiative Core Tech to scan for +100 Milky Way RD.
  • The top of the Observation Post can be scanned for +10 Milky Way RD.
  • There are two All Terrain Haulers nearby the platform that can be scanned and one will award +10 Milky Way RD (the other will turn light yellow).

Inside the Remnant Vault:



Remnant Decryption Puzzle Solutions[]