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Human Juggernaut
Human Juggernaut
Rarity Rare
Health Health Icon.png 700
Shield Shield Icon.png 300
Skills Snap Freeze 1 Icon.png Snap Freeze
Fortify 1 Icon.png Fortify
Shockwave 1 Icon.png Shockwave
APEX Training 1 - Weapon Training Icon.png APEX Training
Remnant Armor 1 - Experimental Armor Icon.png Remnant Armor
Veteran Bonus
Bonus Stat Health Regeneration Cap Bonus Stat Icon.png Health Regeneration Cap
Melee Remnant Cryo-Gauntlet
A close-quarters tank with ramping offense and defense.

Human Juggernaut is one of the character kits.


The biotic Juggernaut sharpened his skills on Omega in staged fights and scattered jobs as a hit man. The Juggernaut has burned every bridge he's ever built, but is still a team player—a larger team just means more kills for everyone. When APEX needed a soldier to test their experimental Remnant armor, the Juggernaut volunteered.


Human Juggernaut Default.png