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Human Male Adept
Human Male Adept
Rarity Common
Health Health Icon.png 500
Shield Shield Icon.png 250
Skills Pull 1 Icon.png Pull
Singularity 1 Icon.png Singularity
Shockwave 1 Icon.png Shockwave
Offensive Biotics 1 Icon.png Offensive Biotics
Barrier 1 Icon.png Barrier
Veteran Bonus
Bonus Stat Health Regeneration Cap Bonus Stat Icon.png Health Regeneration Cap
Melee Biotic Punch
A powerful biotic with light armor who uses powers to control crowds and cause widespread damage.

Human Male Adept is one of the character kits.


The Human Adept doesn't really talk about why he joined the Initiative; in fact, he doesn't talk much at all. Given the quiet intensity with which he rips through enemies, none of his teammates are rushing to ask about his past.


Human Male Adept Default.png