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Human Male Engineer
Human Male Engineer
Rarity Common
Health Health Icon.png 500
Shield Shield Icon.png 250
Skills Cryo Beam 1 Icon.png Cryo Beam
Assault Turret 1 Icon.png Assault Turret
Overload 1 Icon.png Overload
Offensive Tech 1 - Damage Icon.png Offensive Tech
Support Systems 1 - Repair Systems Icon.png Support Systems
Veteran Bonus
Bonus Stat All Power Recharge Speeds Bonus Stat Icon.png All Power Recharge Speeds
Melee Omni-Blade
Clever tech expert that distracts, limits, and locks down opponents on the battlefield.

Human Male Engineer is one of the character kits.


The Human Engineer was always good at science, but he knows he's got what it takes to be a leader—leaders should be the smart people, after all. He'll be a Pathfinder some day, just you wait and see.


Human Male Engineer Default.png