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Human Male Soldier
Human Male Soldier
Rarity Common
Health Health Icon.png 500
Shield Shield Icon.png 250
Skills Frag Grenade 1 Icon.png Frag Grenade
Turbocharge 1 Icon.png Turbocharge
Concussive Shot 1 Icon.png Concussive Shot
Munitions Training 1 - Weapon Training Icon.png Munitions Training
Combat Fitness 1 - Health Icon.png Combat Fitness
Veteran Bonus
Bonus Stat Max Shields Bonus Stat Icon.png Max Shields
Melee Omni-Blade
Weapons expert with heavy armor and a gun for all occasions. Effective at any range.

Human Male Soldier is one of the character kits.


The Human Soldier worked in the Alliance before joining the Initiative. He likes the idea of helping establish life in a new world, and he wants to do it in the way he thinks is noble and right.


Human Male Soldier Default.png