Mass Effect: Andromeda Wiki
Blueprint Rarity Uncommon
Item Rarity Uncommon
Type Armor set
Bonus Types Health, Shields, Weapon
Blueprint Source Milky Way
RD Cost Chest 70 + 10 per tier
RD Cost Each Extremity 35 + 5 per tier
RD Cost Full Set 2,875
Development Materials Omni-Gel Canister
Scale Fibers
Augmentation Slots 10

HyperGuardian is an armor set consisting of four pieces.


HyperGuardian hardsuits were built by Kassa Fabrication as a civilian-friendly alternative to the Colossus line intended for private security in heavy-fire situations or extreme environmental conditions. The Initiative considered the bulky and unbreakable HyperGuardian a perfect choice for protecting vulnerable new colonies.



Name Max Health Max Shields Melee Damage
HyperGuardian Chest I +10% +2% +20%
HyperGuardian Chest II +13% +4% +23%
HyperGuardian Chest III +15% +6% +25%
HyperGuardian Chest IV +18% +8% +28%
HyperGuardian Chest V +20% +10% +30%
HyperGuardian Chest VI +21% +11% +32%
HyperGuardian Chest VII +22% +12% +34%
HyperGuardian Chest VIII +23% +13% +36%
HyperGuardian Chest IX +24% +14% +38%
HyperGuardian Chest X +25% +15% +40%

Arms, Helmet, Legs[]

Name Max Health Max Shields
HyperGuardian Arms I
HyperGuardian Helmet I
HyperGuardian Legs I
+5% +1%
HyperGuardian Arms II
HyperGuardian Helmet II
HyperGuardian Legs II
+8% +3%
HyperGuardian Arms III
HyperGuardian Helmet III
HyperGuardian Legs III
+10% +4%
HyperGuardian Arms IV
HyperGuardian Helmet IV
HyperGuardian Legs IV
+13% +6%
HyperGuardian Arms V
HyperGuardian Helmet V
HyperGuardian Legs V
+15% +7%
HyperGuardian Arms VI
HyperGuardian Helmet VI
HyperGuardian Legs VI
+16% +8%
HyperGuardian Arms VII
HyperGuardian Helmet VII
HyperGuardian Legs VII
+17% +9%
HyperGuardian Arms VIII
HyperGuardian Helmet VIII
HyperGuardian Legs VIII
+18% +10%
HyperGuardian Arms IX
HyperGuardian Helmet IX
HyperGuardian Legs IX
+19% +11%
HyperGuardian Arms X
HyperGuardian Helmet X
HyperGuardian Legs X
+20% +12%


Depending upon the choice of twin, the armor pieces of this set will change in appearance slightly during gameplay. The female version is slightly smaller and more feminine in nature. The male version is slightly larger and more muscular in nature. There is no difference in armor performance based on gender.