Improved Shield Regeneration

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Improved Shield Regeneration
Improved Shield Regeneration
Rarity Uncommon
Improvement 50%
Icon Uncommon Nomad Upgrade Icon.png
Upgrades the Nomad's shield cells, allowing for faster regeneration without sacrificing effectiveness.

Improved Shield Regeneration is a ND1 Nomad shield upgrade.

Acquisition[edit | edit source]

There are multiple ways to acquire this blueprint/upgrade and all of them have known bug problems.

Before you attempt to develop this blueprint or even start the related mission Task: Nomad Shield Crafting - SAVE YOUR GAME. Due to several bugs and patches from Patch 1.06, Patch 1.07, and Patch 1.08, this mission may automatically be completed after acquiring this mission.

This blueprint/upgrade can be acquired in the following methods:

Blueprint[edit | edit source]

The Improved Shield Regeneration blueprint is available when Ryder reaches Level 11. It requires the following resources for development:

Notes[edit | edit source]

Detailed statistics for shield regeneration rate can be tracked on the Nomad Stats tab in the statistics menu.

The blueprint is automatically acquired at Level 11 and is also available for purchase even if the related mission has already been completed. DO NOT research or purchase these items. This is a waste of Research Data and/or credits.

The original image for this upgrade used a radiation hazard symbol. Later this was changed to the game's symbol for recharge and regeneration.

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