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Jarun Tann
Jarun Tann
Species Salarian
Known affiliations Andromeda Initiative

Jarun Tann is a salarian character. Tann is located in Tann's Office on the Nexus.


Andromeda Initiative Director Jarun Tann is a replacement leader for those who died in the Scourge disaster. Personnel records indicate he was the Nexus' Deputy Director for Revenue Management when the arks departed the Milky Way in 2185. However, upon arrival in the Heleus Cluster, the disastrous encounter with the Scourge led to substantial loss of life among the senior leadership. The line of succession eventually fell to Tann as the next in line for overall Director, much to the apparent consternation of certain Nexus personnel.

Born on Sur'Kesh, Tann's application to the Initiative lists his previous work experience as "Senior Consultant, Advanced Matrix-Based Accounting" with hobbies in model ship building and travel...someday." When queried if he had any prejudices that would affect his ability to serve the Initiative, his answer was blank. However, careful data forensics reveals his original reply was "Wait, you're letting krogan come along?"

Today, Director Tann has official oversight of Initiative operations and strategy, and effective supervision of Pathfinder teams.


Jarun Tann is involved with the following missions: