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Joba System.png

Joba is a star system located in the Heleus cluster.


Anomaly 1[]

Joba - Comm Buoy.png

An anomaly is detected in this system during Safe Journeys. Scanning reveals a Comm Buoy.


  • Buoy ID: Dehena-1
  • Power readings: 98.2%
  • System report: Unit can broadcast another eight standard months
  • Status: Broadcasting data in Shelesh


This comm buoy is set for extremely short-range transmission, likely as a security precaution. Only a vessel searching its precise navpoint can detect the message.


  • +50 Heleus RD on scan

Anomaly 2[]

Joba - Starship Wreckage.png

A second anomaly is detected in this system during Life on the Frontier. Scanning reveals Starship Wreckage.


  • Ship ident: Nexus 30-07
  • Ship name: "Charris"
  • Crew complement: 5-8
  • Status: Destroyed


The Charris was a transport shuttle with a full cargo of supplies. According to the ship's final transmission, it lost its way after an unexplained interference resulted in navigational failure. Damage on parts of the ship's hull suggests that it came into contact with a hostile force shortly after losing contact with the Nexus.