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Orbital distance 0.9 AU
Orbital period 1.0 years
Radius 8859 km
Atmospheric pressure 1.10 atmospheres
Surface temperature 29C
Available minerals Aluminum Icon.png Aluminum
Beryllium Icon.png Beryllium
Copper Icon.png Copper
Titanium Icon.png Titanium
A mountainous world originally settled by the angara, Kadara is now a haven for Nexus exiles and pirates. In addition to this criminal element, the planet is plagued by toxic water caused by an atypical amount of sulfide minerals.

Kadara, also known as Habitat 4, is a planet in the Govorkam star system.



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Research Opportunities[]

Research Data (RD) opportunities on Kadara are found on specific mission and location pages. Some items are cleverly hidden and not associated with missions or high traffic areas. These are known as orphan RD items. For a complete list of all orphan research data items, see Research Data Orphans.



Terminal entries[]

Forward station terminal entries[]

Architect Husk: Kadara[]

Govorkam - Kadara - Architect Husk Kadara.png

An anomaly is detected on this planet after Old Skinner. Scanning reveals an Architect Husk: Kadara.


  • Classification: Enemy (decommissioned)
  • Origin: Andromeda (Kadara)


This Remnant Architect's programming directives have been interrupted. It is in an orbital standby mode and remains tethered to its home planet, Kadara. The Architect's armor suggests multiple self-repairs due to sulphuric acid exposure. Signal patterns indicate it is somehow monitoring Kadara's groundwater.



Codex Card Kadara.png

Kadara was of great interest to the Andromeda Initiative after it appeared on long-range surveys. Seemingly abundant liquid water and an oxygen-mix atmosphere made it a strong candidate for settlement, earning it the designation Habitat 4. Closer range surveys now reveal that Kadara's water sources are tainted and unpotable.

Of greater concern is the large settlement known as Kadara Port. Reportedly once a trade port for the angara, it has been adopted by exiles, pirates, and mercenaries who use it as a staging ground. Kadara Port is considered a rogue state by the Nexus, given its strong ties to the Exiles, and Initiative personnel are advised to keep their distance.

Ditaeon, the Initiative outpost on Kadara, has had a smooth initial deployment. The outpost is led by Christmas Tate, formerly of Mining Company 07 on Mars.

Sampling shows that activating Kadara's vault has dramatically improved water quality. New algal blooms and microbial life have emerged, which eat and metabolize sulfide minerals in the ground water before serving as a food supply for larger animals. Ditaeon should not require more than standard water trading.

Resolution of High Noon[]

This text depends on whether Ryder decides to save Sloane Kelly:

Sloane Kelly, leader of the pirate Outcasts, has now cemented her hold on Kadara Port and pledged to defend any outposts on Kadara from other exile factions. Officially, the Nexus still has no diplomatic ties with Kelly; unofficially, the APEX bounty on Kelly has been quietly withdrawn.


Kadara Port is now controlled by the Collective, led by "the Charlatan" Reyes Vidal. The Nexus is considering its response to these events, as Vidal is an unknown factor to the Initiative's leadership.

Environmental Information[]

Kadara is polluted with corrosive substances due to toxic levels of sulfides prior to activation of the planet's vault. Pools of water will cause Toxic Hazard Icon.png TOXIC ENVIRONMENT damage and pose an environmental hazard to personnel and vehicles.

  • Hazard Level 2 - TOXICITY 55 LD50
  • Hazard Level 4 - TOXICITY 818 LD50