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Kallo Jath
Kallo Jath
Species Salarian
Origin Sur'Kesh
Known affiliations Andromeda Initiative
Location Bridge, Tempest

Kallo Jath is a salarian character and the pilot of the Tempest.


Kallo Jath was born on Sur'Kesh and, quoting directly, "into a life so boring even you couldn't calculate it." Pushed towards a lucrative but dull bureaucratic career with Parohe Aerospace, Kallo became more interested in flying the starships he was meant to be cataloguing. He eventually left Sur'Kesh for formal pilot training and joined Parohe's competitor as a test pilot.

Internal emails show that when the Andromeda Initiative was building teams to develop their survey vessels, Parohe Aerospace warned against recruiting Kallo, so fervently that Jien Garson's interest was piqued. Kallo claims that the prospect of the Initiative was intriguing enough to make him join the Tempest design team, test-flying her early prototypes, running stress tests in regions like the Nemean Abyss, and, rumor has it, helping to "acquire" advanced technology.

Kallo has an acute photographic memory, even by salarian standards. This may be linked to his unusual motor responses, though he discourages the speculation.


Kallo is involved in the following missions: