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Lexi T'Perro
Lexi T'Perro
Species Asari
Origin Omega
Known affiliations Andromeda Initiative
Combat roles/strengths Doctor

Dr. Lexi T'Perro is an asari character and is the doctor aboard the Tempest.


Although young by asari standards, Lexi T'Perro is regarded as one of the most skilled doctors in the Andromeda Initiative. Born on the crime-ridden space station Omega, Lexi began her medical career by stitching up her father, a turian bouncer at the Afterlife nightclub where her mother was also employed as a dancer. In her screening interviews, Lexi states her parent's dream was for her to "get off this rock and live a life worth talking about."

Following her parents' wishes, Lexi left Omega to continue studying medicine as well as psychology on the Citadel, where she eventually met Harry Carlyle. Carlyle convinced her to join the Initiative as the Hyperion's physician. Although there was some confusion around assigning an asari to the human ark, Lexi's credentials and expertise in alien anatomy quickly silenced any concerns.

By her own admission, Lexi is a workaholic. "On or off the table, I have a hard time not dissecting people... figuratively, of course." One of her many goals in Heleus is to improve her bedside manner and learn to "appreciate the moment."


Lexi is involved in the following missions: