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Disambig.png This article is about the multiplayer currency. For the credits used in singleplayer, see Credits.
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MP Credits are an in-game currency used exclusively in multiplayer mode. They function in the same fashion as credits in the singleplayer mode.

MP Credits are stored in a different place than singleplayer credits and the two can't be mixed. Credits earned in one playing mode can't be used in the other mode.

Earning MP Credits[]

MP Credits are earned by playing multiplayer matches. The amount awarded depends upon the difficulty of the match. The more difficult the match, the higher the number of credits awarded. Credits are still awarded for failing a match but at a much reduced amount.

Bonuses are awarded for successfully extracting from the match. The more teammates that extract, the higher the bonus.

Base Credit Caps[]

Matches are capped at a base amount that can't be exceeded. To reach these caps, four players are required to successfully extract.

  • Bronze matches are capped at 10,000 credits
  • Silver matches are capped at 25,000 credits
  • Gold matches are capped at 55,000 credits
  • Platinum matches are capped at 125,000 credits

Mission modifiers will be applied to the base amount of credits to increase the amount awarded. This allows credit totals exceeding the base amounts listed.

APEX Tactics and APEX Tactics II cryo pod perks only apply to standard strike team missions that reward Credit Loot Boxes. There is no increase to MP Credits for multiplayer gameplay.

Credits are earned even for failed missions, as long as the team survives to Wave 3. Completing the first six waves is worth 80% of the credits available for the mission and will be awarded even if the mission fails during the extraction wave. Each player extracted adds another five percent.

It should be noted that a solo player completing the match will not receive the maximum 100% credits. The best you can expect is 85% credits. Having a full team of four players is encouraged.

Complete Wave % of Credit Cap
1 0%
2 10%
3 20%
4 40%
5 60%
6 80%
7 (No Players Extract) 80%
7 (One Player Extracts) 85%
7 (Two Players Extract) 90%
7 (Three Players Extract) 95%
7 (Four Players Extract) 100%

Spending MP Credits[]

MP Credits can be used to purchase packs in the multiplayer store.


MP Credits can be earned even if a mission fails (albeit at lower amounts). MP Credits are the most used currency.

Mission funds Mission Funds Icon.png are only earned though successful challenges/strike team missions.

MP Credits function similarly to Andromeda Points Andromeda Points Icon.png in what they can purchase. Andromeda points differ in that they are purchased with real world funds.

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