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Material Loot Box
Material Loot Box
Type Loot box
Reward Resources
Icon Icon Bronze Strike Team Loot.png Icon Silver Strike Team Loot.png Icon Gold Strike Team Loot.png
A collection of materials discovered during a Bronze/Silver/Gold difficulty mission.

Material loot boxes are Pathfinder rewards for completing standard strike team missions. Each box contains resources discovered during the mission. The contents depend on the difficulty of the mission.


Material loot boxes are awarded as Bronze, Silver, and Gold loot boxes.

Bronze materials[]

Bronze Strike Team Loot Box.png
Icon Material Minimum Maximum
Aluminum Icon.png Aluminum 4 20
Beryllium Icon.png Beryllium 4 20
Copper Icon.png Copper 4 20
Graphite Icon.png Graphite 4 20
Iron Icon.png Iron 4 20
Magnesium Icon.png Magnesium 4 20
Renderable Plates Icon.png Renderable Plates 4 20
Scale Fibers Icon.png Scale Fibers 4 20
Shell Filaments Icon.png Shell Filaments 4 20
Silicon Icon.png Silicon 4 20
Soft Chitin Icon.png Soft Chitin 4 20

Silver materials[]

Silver Strike Team Loot Box.png
Icon Material Minimum Maximum
Cadmium Icon.png Cadmium 12 36
Copper Icon.png Copper 12 36
Eiroch Fluid Sac Icon.png Eiroch Fluid Sac 12 36
Fluorite Icon.png Fluorite 12 36
Iridium Icon.png Iridium 12 36
Lithium Icon.png Lithium 12 36
Nickel Icon.png Nickel 12 36
Uranium Icon.png Uranium 12 36

Gold materials[]

Gold Strike Team Loot Box.png
Icon Material Minimum Maximum
Element Zero Icon.png Element Zero 1 7
Platinum Icon.png Platinum 1 7
Titanium Icon.png Titanium 1 7
Vanadium Icon.png Vanadium 1 7


If the Ears to the Ground cryo pod perk is active, there is a chance that a weapon or armor piece will be revealed. The item tier depends on Ryder's level when opening the box and matches the availability of found items. Materials will also be received, but the type and amount won't be displayed in the Rewards collection window.

Copper appears in both Bronze and Silver loot boxes, in the range of 4 to 20 units in Bronze boxes and in the range of 12 to 36 units in Silver boxes.