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The Merchant screen.

Merchants allow Ryder to purchase and sell a wide variety of items and equipment: armor, consumables, mods, ND1 Nomad paint jobs & upgrades, resources (augmentations, bio materials, minerals, salvage, special items, tech materials), and weapons.


Merchants specialize in specific types of goods for sale and will only carry those types of goods. However, the stock they carry may rotate and not always have the same items for sale. They will purchase whatever Ryder is willing to sell, regardless of their default goods.

Merchants have an unlimited credit supply. However, not all merchants pay the same price for the same goods.2, 3, 4

Most merchants are marked on the map withMerchant Map Icon.png.

Commerce cryo pod perks that affect buying and selling of goods include:

Leveled item availability[]

Items that have tiers are unlocked at specific levels. Armor, Nomad ND1 upgrades, weapons, and weapon mods are available for purchase on the same schedule as Andromeda Initiative-issued blueprints. Once a new tier is unlocked, prior tiers will not be available for purchase during gameplay.

Andromeda Initiative
Issued Blueprints
immediate 6 11 21 31 41 51 61 71 81


The merchant screen is composed of seven tabs: All Items, Weapons, Armor, Consumables, Resources, Nomad, and Special Items. This order is fixed. All tabs appear, regardless of the merchant's default stock. Items sold to a merchant stay in the merchant's inventory until Ryder leaves the area.

All Items[]

The All Items tab can be used to purchase/sell any items or one of the other tabs can be used to sort the items available. It should be noted that some items, such as fusion mods and some special items, will only display in the All Items tab.

Item Views[]

The left side of the screen, My Items, lists Ryder's inventory; the right side of the screen lists Vendor Items. Selecting items on either side will tag items for purchase or sale items. The net gain or loss of credits will be displayed at the bottom of the screen. Trade can be confirmed or reset; neither action exits the Merchant screen.

Item Details and Stats[]

It is possible to review the details and the stats of an item during the merchant process.

Insufficient Funds[]

If Ryder doesn't have enough credits, INSUFFICIENT FUNDS will be displayed while trying to complete the transaction.

Full Inventory[]

Attempting to purchase more items than will fit in Inventory results in an error screen. Ryder may deselect items for purchase or select for sale enough items to keep the total from surpassing the inventory item limit.

Modified Weapons[]

When selling a crafted weapon, the stats and details sections will reflect any augmentations or equipped mods, but the price does not. Any mods equipped on a weapon will be returned. Any augmentations developed into a weapon are lost as these items can only be returned through deconstruction.


When purchasing or selling resources and consumables, a quantity screen will appear. Use the arrows to select the wanted quantity.

Reset Trade[]

When any items have been selected for purchasing and/or selling, an option to Reset Trade will appear at the bottom of the screen. By pressing the appropriate button, all items will be deselected for the current trading session.

Confirm Trade[]

When all items have been selected for purchasing and/or selling, selecting the option to Confirm Trade will bring up a confirmation menu. This is the last chance to change your mind before pressing the appropriate button to complete the transaction.

List of merchants[]

Merchant Name Planet/
Location Armor Augmentations Consumables Mods Weapons Nomad
Paint Jobs
Materials Special
Annea1, 2 Elaaden The Paradise
Armor Merchant Kadara Kadara Market
Armor Merchant Nexus Common Area
Arms Dealer7 Kadara Kadara Market
Arms Merchant5 Nexus Common Area
Bennett Kahele Voeld Taerve Uni
Black Market Dealer Kadara Kadara Slums
Blood Threshers Manager4 Elaaden New Tuchanka
Boomerang Elaaden Elaaden Outpost
Buy/Sell Kiosk Tempest Research Room
Cal Port Meridian Room north of Atrium
Clancy Arquist Eos Site 1: Promise
Cody Holdren Havarl Pelaav Research Station
General Merchant Nexus Common Area
Jackson Cross Voeld Taerve Uni
Jezra Port Meridian Atrium
Merivaas Aya Marketplace
Merchant Elaaden New Tuchanka
Merchant1, 2 Elaaden The Paradise
Merchant Eos Prodromos
Merchant8 Voeld Hjara Station
Merchant8 Voeld Techiix
Mods Merchant Kadara Kadara Market
Oniijev Aya Marketplace
Quartermaster Istaal Aya Resistance Headquarters
Relia Ythos7 Kadara Kadara Market
Sohkaa Esof6 Aya Docks
Team Ryncol Manager4 Elaaden New Tuchanka
Thrasia3 Kadara Wind Farm, Varren's Scalp
Vehicle Merchant Nexus Common Area
Yveth Aya Marketplace


The Scavenger Armor (chest) gets better prices when selling items by shifting Ryder up one tier on the sell price tables. HOWEVER, purchase prices are also shifted up one tier. The sell price benefit is good for unloading unwanted items but not for purchasing wanted goods.

Market Dominance only adds additional items to the categories of goods that most merchants already carry. No new categories of items are added. Refer to each merchant for the items added by this cryo pod perk.

1 Depending upon a choice made during Water Supply, either Annea or the Merchant will be the merchant at The Paradise.

2 Annea charges 25% more than other merchants when purchasing items from her, but pays double when selling items to her. If the Paradise Merchant replaces her, he has standard rates for buying and selling.

3 After the completion of A Packaged Deal, Thrasia charges 10% less when purchasing items from her and pays 15% more when selling items to her.

4 The fighting pit in New Tuchanka on Elaaden is the best place to dispose of unwanted items, especially salvage. Team Ryncol Manager and Blood Threshers Manager both pay full price for all weapons, weapon mods, armor, consumables, materials, and augmentations, and five times the going rate for salvage items.

5 The Arms Merchant is found in the Militia holding cells in Operations on the Nexus until Ryder has access to the Tempest and Common Area. After this he will reside in the Common Area left of the tram station.

6 Sohkaa Esof is available for a short window of time as a merchant at the conclusion of Trading Favors but only then. He remarks that his ship is about to leave; he will be gone the next time Ryder returns to the Docks.

7 Depending on a choice made during High Noon, either the Arms Dealer or Relia Ythos will be the weapons merchant in the Kadara Market.

8 The Merchant at Hjara Station and Techiix is a single character moving between the two locations.

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