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Meridian: The Way Home
Meridian: The Way Home
Type Priority ops
Starting Location Meeting Room, Tempest
Mission Location Multiple
Start vidcon
Previous The Journey to Meridian
Next Epilogue: Home and Away

Meridian: The Way Home is a priority ops mission. It is acquired automatically after The Journey to Meridian.


Meridian was lost when the Scourge was launched against the Jardaan. As the heart of the vault network, it is the key to restoring worlds all across the cluster. Only when Meridian is found and secured will the future of Heleus be certain.

To find Meridian, its possible trajectory through the Scourge must be mapped. Search the solar systems on the outskirts of Heleus to locate viable locations to gather data on the Scourge.

The Archon has stolen the Hyperion and cut all communication between SAM and the Pathfinder. The Pathfinder's implant must be reset with a manual signal. If you don't send the signal, the Pathfinder will die and the Archon will use Meridian to threaten entire planets.

The Archon has taken the Hyperion, SAM, and will soon arrive at Meridian. He must be stopped, or all of Heleus will suffer.

The Archon is pushing to control Meridian. He's said that if Heleus does not submit, he'll use this power to destroy entire planets, starting with Eos. Fight through the kett guarding the Archon's path and the Remnant defending Meridian. The Archon must be stopped.

The Archon holds the heart of Meridian. The Hyperion is here. Your team, allies, friends, and family are here. There is no turning back. If the Archon uses the stolen SAM connection to take control, he threatens everything in Heleus. Stop him from claiming so much power.


  • Talk to Suvi
  • Scourge clusters probed for data (0/3)
  • Speak to crew about Scourge research
  • Return to Remnant City in Civki System
  • Reach control center and reveal Meridian
  • Struggle to reach door

The Pathfinder falls; control moves to twin

  • Get a weapon
  • Fight to communications
  • Reach maintenance access
  • Run for the maintenance access
  • Send signal to restore Pathfinder's implant

Control returns to the Pathfinder

  • Interface to open door
  • Rally your team at the Tempest
  • Somehow recover Hyperion
  • Somehow face the Archon's fleet
  • Go to bridge for launch
  • Chase the Archon in the Nomad
  • Defeat kett guarding the entrance
  • Enter Meridian Control
  • Fight to reach the Archon
  • Defeat defending enemies
  • Push farther into Meridian Control
  • Fight past the kett ascendant
  • Push farther into Meridian Control
  • Defeat kett guarding gravity well
  • Enter gravity well
  • Reach the heart of Meridian Control
  • Eliminate kett protecting the Archon
  • Kill all Remnant and reach relay
  • Defend until Sara/Scott exposes interface
  • Interface to disrupt the Archon's control
  • Kill all Remnant and reach relay
  • Find a way across ferrofluid
  • Kill all Remnant and reach relay
  • Defend while Sara/Scott bridges chasm
  • Kill all Remnant and reach relay
  • Defend until Sara/Scott exposes interface
  • Interface to disrupt the Archon's control
  • Kill all Remnant and reach relay
  • Interface to take Meridian from the Archon

Primus: Enemy of my Enemy[]

  • Access the kett console


Suvi and Kallo will continue to note ideal probe placement points after enough data has been collected to track Meridian. Since each probe is worth 270 XP, it's probably worth doing.

Complete Turian Ark: Lost But Not Forgotten and convince Avitus Rix to become the turian Pathfinder before starting this mission to ensure that Captain Dunn survives.

Any new weapons and armor should be developed before returning to Khi Tasira; once Ryder returns to the Tempest after sending the override, all systems are offline except for the Re-Spec Station in the Med Bay.

There are only five containers for the Khi Tasira portion of this mission:

  • There are two minor containers on the platform behind the gravity well in the entry zone at the start of the mission.
  • In the area past the entry zone (where you first encounter Remnant enemies), there is a small container on the bottom level and a larger one on top of the tallest central pillar.
  • After the first cutscene with Ryder, take the gravity well down and there is a single container on the elevated platform.

The Pathfinder's twin will have access to the main menu after the first cutscene, but only the Map, Journal, and Codex will be available. In addition to the M-5 Phalanx pistol, the twin will acquire an Omni-Blade I. There are no containers to open or RD to scan while playing as the twin on the Hyperion.

The menu will be unavailable after interfacing with the final relay until after the cutscene in Ryder's Room on the Hyperion.

Ryder must complete Know Your Enemy and Dissension in the Ranks before starting Meridian: The Way Home to have the option to use the kill code. If Ryder took the deal with the Primus during Dissension in the Ranks, the Primus: Enemy of my Enemy sub-mission will appear giving Ryder the option of uploading the code or deciding to take their chances without it. Using the kill code received from the Primus disables the Primus' ship, and prevents kett reinforcements from landing, thereby reducing the number of kett present outside Meridian Control.

The final XP reward for this mission is a combined reward shown very briefly on-screen that is a fixed +5700 plus level-dependent Encounter XP.


Achievements and trophies[]

The following achievements and trophies can be earned during the mission: