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Moshae Sjefa
Moshae Sjefa
Species Angara
Location Moshae Sjefa's Laboratory, Aya

Moshae Sjefa is an angaran character.


Part scientific genius, part cultural icon, Moshae Sjefa is treated with an almost religious reverence by everyday angara. Her technological innovations have touched nearly every facet of their civilization, and were instrumental in the construction of Aya's capital city. Her analyses of the kett threat have slowed the enemy's conquest of the Heleus Cluster by informing the tactics and goals of the Resistance for decades.

From Jaal's recollections, the Moshae chafes at her celebrity status and prefers to work in solitude. Unlike most angara, Moshae Sjefa doesn't belong to a large extended family; she claims she has never married nor borne children, focusing on her life's work of unraveling the mystery of Remnant technology. Her goal, stated in many of her writings, is to unlock the secrets of the Remnant for the benefit of all angara, helping them to overcome the kett and restore angaran civilization to its pre-Scourge greatness.


Moshae Sjefa is involved with the following missions: