Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal

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Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal
Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal
Type Allies and relationships
Starting Location Tempest
Mission Location Multiple
Start Nakmor Drack
End Nakmor Drack
Next Nakmor Drack: A Future For Our People

Nakmor Drack: Krogan Betrayal is the allies and relationships mission preceding Nakmor Drack's loyalty mission Nakmor Drack: A Future For Our People. It is acquired on the Tempest by speaking with Nakmor Drack after picking him up as a squadmate.

Description[edit | edit source]

By all accounts, William Spender is a difficult man. But there is a reason to suspect the Assistant Director of Colonial Affairs is actively working to undermine the krogan. Drack has asked you to investigate Spender's activities.

Spender and an unknown exile were meeting at a remote rendezvous point on the planet Kadara. Heading to the point where they met may reveal more about Spender's off-Nexus activities.

Searching an exile hideout on Kadara revealed that Spender is working with an exile named Aroane. Evidence in the hideout suggests that Spender is hiding something important in his quarters on the Nexus.

Objectives[edit | edit source]

  • Find Spender on the Nexus
  • Talk to Kesh about Spender
  • Speak with Kandros
  • Review Nexus security footage
  • Confront Spender about security footage
  • ON HOLD: Locate the planet mentioned in security footage
  • Talk to SAM on the Tempest
  • Investigate Spender's Kadara connection
  • Defeat the exiles
  • Search the hideout for clues
  • Search for a scrambler in Spender's room
  • Talk to the Comms officer
  • Speak to Drack on the Tempest

Notes[edit | edit source]

Drack isn't in a fixed location on the Tempest for the start of this mission. Check the map for Drack's location to speak with him.

The ON HOLD objective will complete when Ryder lands on Kadara.

SAM will suggest proceeding on foot when you approach the site on Kadara. Area-Denial Mines are detected when approaching the navpoint and these mines if struck by the ND1 Nomad might result in mission failure.

The Initiative Fighter model in William Spender's apartment is only available during Search for a scrambler in Spender's room; once Talk to the Comms officer has been completed, the door is locked and the location becomes inaccessible.

It is possible to acquire this mission even if Ryder saves the salarian Pathfinder during Hunting the Archon and keeps the Remnant drive core at the end of Search for the Stolen Remnant Drive Core.

Research Opportunities[edit | edit source]

Inside the datapad room during Search the hideout for clues, there is an Adapted Initiative Core Tech than can be scanned for +100 Milky Way RD.

Rewards[edit | edit source]

Confront Spender about video:

Discover datapad at hideout on Kadara:

Speak to Drack on the Tempest to complete the mission: