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Nameplates are awarded for completing specific major challenges in multiplayer gameplay.



Visible Nameplate

The Nameplates sub-menu is accessible from the Collections sub-menu which is accessible the Prestige menu. Earned nameplates must be claimed from Rewards before they can be used.

Nameplates can be selected and activated/deactivated. Once activated, the nameplate card will display behind the player statistics in a game lobby.

Apex Mastery[]

Apex Rating[]

Assault Rifle Mastery[]

Biotic Mastery[]

Combat Mastery[]

Kett Mastery[]

Map Mastery[]

Outlaw Mastery[]

Pistol Mastery[]

Remnant Mastery[]

Shotgun Mastery[]

Sniper Rifle Mastery[]

Tech Mastery[]

Tech Test Sign-Up[]

  • Tech Test Sign-Up - Bronze Nameplate.png
    Tech Test Sign-Up - Bronze

This nameplate is no longer available. It will show in the collection list but can no longer be unlocked. This was a limited time reward for signing up to do beta testing before the game launch. BioWare closed down the program in Februrary, 2017.[1],[2]