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Led by Nakmor Morda, New Tuchanka was founded by the krogan who departed the Nexus in the wake of the rebellion.

Elaaden Outpost[]

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Depending upon Ryder's choice about the fate of the stolen Remnant Drive Core, the Elaaden Outpost may be created nearby the krogan colony of New Tuchanka. For all intents and purposes, both the colony and the outpost together are named "New Tuchanka" according to the codex entry.

A sweltering landscape with rising humidity, Elaaden is home to the outpost New Tuchanka, which is a cooperative venture between the Initiative and the krogan colony. (Founded by Nakmor Morda, Pathfinder Ryder; Mayor Kariste Archana elected.)

It is the only unnamed distinct outpost on a planet throughout the Cluster. When hovering over the colony on the map, the Initiative outpost is named "New Tuchanka".

New Tuchanka Locations[]

New Tuchanka aerial.png
  • Throne Room
  • Greenhouse
  • Genetics Lab
  • Fighting Pit
  • Bar

Elaaden Outpost Locations[]

There is a research center in this location.

NPCs - New Tuchanka[]

NPCs - Elaaden Outpost[]

  • Anixian - Climate scientist
  • Boomerang - Merchant
  • Dr. Mesha Lannok - Fertility specialist
  • Jonah Park - Agricultural specialist
  • Kariste Archana - Mayor
  • Missions[]

    The following missions take place or are acquired in New Tuchanka/Elaaden Outpost:

    Priority Ops
    • None
    Allies and Relationships
    Heleus Assignments
    Additional Tasks


    The Destiny Ascension model can be found in New Tuchanka.

    Research Opportunities[]

    • +100 Milky Way RD - Adapted Initiative Core Tech (AICT)
    • +10 Milky Way RD - Distilling Vats
    • +10 Milky Way RD - Genetically Altered Plants - There are three sets of plants but only the first one scanned awards RD.
    • +10 Milky Way RD - Krogan Vehicle
    • +10 Milky Way RD - Water Tanks



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